Kampala - Post Report Question and Answers

What kinds of gyms or other sports/workout facilities are available? Are they expensive?

They are available at a few hotels and resorts, annual memberships around $1200/family. Those are the only ones I would use. There is a good yoga studio but it's on the opposite end of town. - Jan 2024

There are growing options. I have a trainer that comes to the house at an affordable rate, friends also have judo instructors, gymnastics coaches, yoga teachers that come to their houses. There are boot camps and gym classes, as well as a few pilates/yoga studios. Rates are reasonable. - Jun 2022

There are gyms at hotels, and independent ones, however, during the pandemic, I do not recommend anyone to go. I did not have a membership at any place, but it was US$5 to US$10 per visit depending on group exercises to simply usage of gym equipment. Some housing complexes have gyms. Online group exercises or small group exercises are available. - Dec 2021

Very few western style gyms, if any. They are expensive. The embassy is trying to put together a conex gym at the chancery but it is not adequate for much. - Aug 2020

There are a couple of great gyms and they are expensive, but worth it if exercise is important to you. Running in Kampala is terrifying and not recommended, not only because of the horrific driving that goes on here but the air quality is very bad. - Nov 2019

There were a couple private-owned gyms in the neighborhood. I mostly ran/played sports at the Embassy (might not be possible during current construction). - Oct 2019

The embassy has a tiny gym (currently located at the warehouse). There are other gyms available, but most are for locals but yes, expats use them too. The nicest gym is at Kabira Club and it is quite expensive, and probably traffic would inhibit anyone not living nearby (Kololo and Naguru and the closest areas). Otherwise, there are a few dance schools and yoga studios available and are reasonable. - Mar 2019

There are a few good gyms, but getting to them can be a royal PITA. Price is fairly expensive comparatively. There is a dearth of facilities, and virtually no public space available for working out (parks, jogging paths, etc.). The air quality in Kampala also seems horrendous; exercising outdoors is generally not a good idea. The air quality in Kampala is the worst in Africa, and often on par with Beijing and New Delhi. In 2017/2018, Kampala's AQI, as calculated by the EPA, exceeded that of New Delhi for about 3/4ths of the year. The spikes may not be as bad, but the average air quality is worse. - Feb 2019

Lots of gyms. Range from moderate to very expensive (~US $650/yr - $2000ish/yr memberships). Lots of classes (Zumba, dance, boxing, etc etc), too. The problem is that the TRAFFIC is so terrible that it's nearly impossible or just not worth it to go any distance to get to any of these. And despite wonderful weather year-round, the air pollution makes it hazardous to run or bike outside (as does the narrow roads and terrible drivers) and there are no parks. SO, lots of options but can be a hardship to figure out how to make use of them. - Jan 2019

There are a number of gyms throughout the city and prices vary from moderate to ridiculous. - Dec 2018

The embassy does not have a gym which has been a bother because traffic is awful here and it’s tough to get to my gym. That said, I like my gym a lot. It’s well equipped and close to my house. - Dec 2018

No experience. We brought our own equipment with us and purchased extra items locally. - Oct 2018

There are some gyms available but most are very expensive. For those living in the apartment there is a small gym. The warehouse has a gym but I've heard it is really dirty. Many people have trainers come to their homes or go to group classes. Group classes are usually US$6.55/class and personal training is usually around US$7.85/session. - Sep 2018

There are a couple nicer hotels with gyms but it’s insanely expensive, e.g., US$1200 or more for a year. - Sep 2018

The Embassy apartment building has a gym. Few others use a gym, as the cost for using the big-name hotels is too expensive. - Aug 2018

Different hotels offer sports/workout facilities. They are generally of good quality but also rather expensive. - Jun 2018

The embassy has a few machines. I know there are some gyms around as well but not sure of their quality or costs. Some people hire personal trainers. The embassy also has quite a few classes. Some people walk, run and/or bike but the traffic and air quality really hinders it. - Jun 2018

No good, affordable gyms, unfortunately. I use myyogaonline and my husband jogs to work. - Aug 2015

The Embassy has a small gym and there are some country clubs that have nice gyms. They tend to cost US$100+ per month. - Jun 2014

The Embassy has a poor excuse of a gym. The MSG Det has a small one as well. Typical gyms in the area are expensive up to US$250 per month or US$1,200 a year per person! - Oct 2013

Several of the large hotels have beautiful gym facilities, but you pay big prices for them. The US Embassy has a very basic workout facility, and the American Club has a modest gym. It gets the job done even though the larger gyms are much nicer. - Mar 2013

Kabira club is expensive but good; the embassy has a one-room gym; and the American Club has a small facility. - Sep 2009


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