Kampala - Post Report Question and Answers

Are there any unusual problems with insects or other infestations in housing?

Yes. Mosquitos, spiders, bats, geckos, mambas, ants, lake flies. Be prepared. You cannot order much of anything through DPO to help. You can pay to fumigate but the chemicals are strong so educate yourself and be prepared. My kids are sensitive and almost every bite the first time has caused a rash. - Jan 2024

I don't know that there are any more pests than in DC, just different ones. GSO is great with a variety of pest control solutions. We had some snakes in the yard but after we got chickens, we never saw snakes again. We have every size of ant in the house but they seem to go quickly with the gel we use that GSO provided. Mosquitos come and go with the rains, slightly annoying but not swarms. - Jun 2022

Our house had geckos, three types of cockroaches, millipedes, ticks and fleas (our dog brought them in), mosquitos, and ants. For cockroaches, get a large size cockroach baits from the U.S. To prevent ticks and fleas infestation, we had our own carpets but only a few. We also applied for tick, flea, fly, mosquito prevention medicine on our dog every month and checked out the dog’s body every day. Ticks come out a lot after the rainy season, but yes, they are anywhere year around. Millipede - we just swept up and threw outside. Ants - it is a battle. We have applied mint extract (we grew mint), and sometimes had baits, etc. Mosquitos - we had mosquito nets in our bedrooms but planted lavender around our house. There are other plants that these do not like. To reduce snakes’ visits to our garden, we planted tobacco and planted different herbs around our house for bug prevention. Small mice came in from outside, but you can use mouse baits. - Dec 2021

We have an ongoing war against ants at our house. Mosquitoes can be very bad in certain areas, but seem to come and go. If you have pets, they have cane toads here, which if ingested are toxic. Our dog had an encounter with a toad that nearly ended poorly. A cockroach can be found on occasion but it isn't a big issue. Wasps from time to time. Geckos are the most welcome of our typical guests. - Aug 2020

Ants are everywhere - residences, offices, everywhere. - Nov 2019

Typical tropical infestations. Roaches, mosquitoes, and lots of ants. Keep tidy and call the exterminator! - Oct 2019

Ants are an issue. Otherwise, not too bad. - Mar 2019

Yes. Insects of all kinds, including serious pests such as bed bugs. Roaches and ants common place, as are large spiders and other biting insects. Nairobi ants can be problematic, as can be mango worm and other insects (such as caterpillars) that can cause serious injury to the unaware. With proper care, these things can be managed, but ants, roaches, and mosquitoes can never successfully be eradicated. - Feb 2019

Not really. Lots of ants, some places have bad mosquito problems, but not much different than anywhere else (USA included, depending on where one lives). - Jan 2019

Mosquitos are very prevalent, some are malarial. - Dec 2018

Nothing unusual. - Dec 2018

We've only had issues with ants, and mainly in our kitchen. Quite annoying, but better than having roaches and rats. - Oct 2018

You have to have maintenance do a semi-routine treatment for ants and cockroaches. Lizards and little jumping spiders are common but most people allow them to stay to help with mosquitoes. - Sep 2018

Lizards and ants are common. - Sep 2018

Ants will find there way in, so we use insecticide along the doors. - Aug 2018

Mosquitos, termites and ants? - Jun 2018

Lots of bugs, not surprising to me due to our location on the equator. - Jun 2018

Mosquitoes and ants. The ants are tiny and cute; they don't really bother us. The mosquitoes aren't too bad in the city and malaria is low in Kampala proper (there hasn't been a reported case in Kampala in 5 years). However, malaria is a serious risk as soon as you leave the city. - Aug 2015

Malarial mosquitoes are everywhere. This post had more cases of malaria than any other in 2013. Every Ugandan I know has had malaria. That said, if you take your anti-malaria medication and use your mosquito nets, you should be fine. Also, ants are ubiquitous. You will never win that battle, no matter how clean you think your kitchen/dining room/anywhere is. You just have to get used to them and deal with them as best you can. - Jun 2014

Malaria is the biggest concern here. You will have mosquito nets and the opportunity to take malaria medication. Take it, it works! - Oct 2013

LOTS of insects. Big ones, too. First, you will always have ants no matter what you do. I've just learned to deal with it. Some houses have roach issues. We have only found a few really big roaches --- a few too many if you ask me. Mosquitoes are an issue, we all sleep under nets and use bug repellent. Most people take an anti-malaria drug of some kind. There are spiders and a variety of other creatures. Honestly, you get used to it. - Mar 2013

Mosquitoes. You definitely need to take precautions not to get bitten -- and sleep under a bednet. - Sep 2009

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