Kampala - Post Report Question and Answers

What is the overall climate: is it extremely hot or cold, wet or dry, at any time of year, for example?

It's lovely! low to mid 70s all year and mostly sunny with blue sky most days. Some pollution haze some days and some bouts of rain, but it almost never rains more than a brief spell, and that's only a couple months a year. - Jun 2022

It is the best climate - a very pleasant climate year round. The rainy season is still pleasant. - Dec 2021

This is the other aspect in the running for best aspect of this post. Never cold, never extremely hot. Even the rainy season is not super rainy. - Aug 2020

The weather is wonderful here. It’s rarely very hot. Usually about 78 during the day, 68 at night more or less every day of the year. - Nov 2019

It's sunny and 75-80 with a chance of rainfall year-round. Its extremely pleasant. - Oct 2019

Kampala has the most beautiful weather. Amazing, really. Our average is about 85, I think, and barely varies from that. - Mar 2019

Except for the air, the climate is perfect. - Feb 2019

It's always 75-85F and 12 hours of daylight. Some times it's a bit more rainy, other times a bit more dry, but generally the weather is always nearly perfect year-round. - Jan 2019

The weather is semi-tropical in Kampala. There is no excessive humidity. I would say it is similar to southern California in the spring time but with adequate rainfall. Overall it is quite pleasant. - Dec 2018

The weather great all year, usually high of 80, low of 60 every day. - Dec 2018

Amazing all year round. 75-85 all year with no humidity. Rainy season it obviously rains a bit but clears up relatively quickly. - Oct 2018

There are dry and rainy seasons here, but it's always hot. - Sep 2018

Hot with rainy seasons. - Sep 2018

The climate is wonderful. The temps (F) range from 70's and 80;'s in the day to high 50's and 60s at night. All year around. It can rain any day, but usually this lasts for less than hour then the sky gets clear. There are two rainy seasons, where the rainfall will be slightly more frequent, but even then it's not bad. The cool temperature for the equator was the biggest and best surprise about Kampala. - Aug 2018

Uganda has a very moderate climate year round. It's often referred to as San Diego weather all year round, as it's so very pleasant. It can rain any time of the year but there's two rainy seasons during which is will rain more than other months. That also means that it's green year round and anything grows here. Evenings and nights are comfy (60's) and during the day it gets to 75-85 max. - Jun 2018

Beautiful weather is one of the best things about Uganda. - Jun 2018

75-85F year round. Two rainy seasons that are becoming less and less able to differentiate from the rest of the year. Even during the rainy season you will have hours of sunshine in one day. - Aug 2015

Temperate in Kampala. It's dry for several months of the year and then it rains regularly for the rest of the time. Everyone here tells me something different for the exact months of the dry/rainy seasons. - Jun 2014

75-85 degrees year 'round, with beautiful breezes. There are two rainy seasons, and the temps go down a bit then. But you rarely get a full rainy day; the sun almost always shines at least part of the day. - Mar 2013

Very temperate - very little change of temperature, variations in rainy or dry seasons - usually pleasant. - Sep 2009

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