Is this a "shopping post"? Are there interesting handicrafts, artwork, antiques, or other items that people typically buy there?

A lot of great, beautiful African crafts and art. - Nov 2019

Luxury items are imported and expensive. Local crafts (clothing, baskets, paintings) are available and reasonably priced. - Oct 2019

Great baskets. - Mar 2019

Everything you buy here, with the exception of some basketry, is made in China and shipped in for sale. There are a few local artists making some art of note, but it will never be "valuable." - Feb 2019

Uganda makes a lot of stuff that is nice. I wouldn't say it's a "shopping post", but it's not bad. There is locally-made everything: furniture, clothes, art, handicrafts, etc. - Jan 2019

Not really. It is best to travel to other countries in the region for ethnic shopping. - Dec 2018

Gorgeous woven, colorful baskets. - Dec 2018

There are plenty of craft markets to chose from, though most have similar items. They are great for sending trinkets back home, but I wouldn't necessarily fill my home with these items. - Oct 2018

No, there are cheap trinkets they will try to sell you at high prices. - Sep 2018

Lots of handicrafts here. - Aug 2018

It's not bad, there's interesting cloth, baskets, wood work, and artsy jewelry. No real antiques though. - Jun 2018

Not really. You can get great baskets and fabrics here but I wouldn't say you would come here for shopping. - Jun 2018

Arts and crafts - Aug 2015

Lots of handmade jewelry, baskets, and other crafts. Impressive woodwork. - Jun 2014

Any "Africrap". Its actually pretty decent. If you want anything made out wood, they will make it. - Oct 2013

Baskets, wood carvings, artwork, jewelry. There is a large market every Friday where you can get great deals on local goods. - Mar 2013

Darned few crafts originate here. You can have mahogany furniture made - very expensive, but nice. - Sep 2009

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