Kampala - Post Report Question and Answers

Is this a "shopping post"? Are there interesting handicrafts, artwork, antiques, or other items that people typically buy there?

Plenty of the same crafts all over east Africa. I have bought some good art. - Jan 2024

Lovely local baskets, great African artists and cultivated collections at local galleries - Jun 2022

It can be. I have seen many have shopped baskets, made furniture, kitenge fabric goods, such as table runners, cushion covers, items of clothing, dog bets, bags, etc. You may find bugs in some baskets and wooden furniture. - Dec 2021

Meh. Baskets are big here. Otherwise, not really. You can have almost anything made here, but the quality is often lacking. - Aug 2020

A lot of great, beautiful African crafts and art. - Nov 2019

Luxury items are imported and expensive. Local crafts (clothing, baskets, paintings) are available and reasonably priced. - Oct 2019

Great baskets. - Mar 2019

Everything you buy here, with the exception of some basketry, is made in China and shipped in for sale. There are a few local artists making some art of note, but it will never be "valuable." - Feb 2019

Uganda makes a lot of stuff that is nice. I wouldn't say it's a "shopping post", but it's not bad. There is locally-made everything: furniture, clothes, art, handicrafts, etc. - Jan 2019

Not really. It is best to travel to other countries in the region for ethnic shopping. - Dec 2018

Gorgeous woven, colorful baskets. - Dec 2018

There are plenty of craft markets to chose from, though most have similar items. They are great for sending trinkets back home, but I wouldn't necessarily fill my home with these items. - Oct 2018

No, there are cheap trinkets they will try to sell you at high prices. - Sep 2018

Lots of handicrafts here. - Aug 2018

It's not bad, there's interesting cloth, baskets, wood work, and artsy jewelry. No real antiques though. - Jun 2018

Not really. You can get great baskets and fabrics here but I wouldn't say you would come here for shopping. - Jun 2018

Arts and crafts - Aug 2015

Lots of handmade jewelry, baskets, and other crafts. Impressive woodwork. - Jun 2014

Any "Africrap". Its actually pretty decent. If you want anything made out wood, they will make it. - Oct 2013

Baskets, wood carvings, artwork, jewelry. There is a large market every Friday where you can get great deals on local goods. - Mar 2013

Darned few crafts originate here. You can have mahogany furniture made - very expensive, but nice. - Sep 2009

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