Kampala - Post Report Question and Answers

But don't forget your:

Grit and patience. Plan ahead to get out of the city/country at least once a quarter. - Jan 2024

birkenstocks - Jun 2022

Adjustability, low expectation, thick skin, ability to laugh off, online library accounts, surge protectors, swimwears, gumboots (rain boots), good hats, good hiking boots for going to national parks to protect your feet from snake bites or Safari Ants crawling upon you, bug spray, long breathable pants, warm jackets for night safari or climbing mountains, hats, sunblock, headlamps, solar operated chargers. If you are coming from 220 to 240 v country, bring small kitchen appliances. It is expensive here and not of great quality. Good camera if you like to take pictures. For ISU older students, certain calculators, Apple computers, and other things that you may not be able to find in Uganda. Sports-related goods are sold but may not be of good quality. Earplugs if all the bars are open. Quiet time was from 8 am to 4 pm, but had whole night long of pounding and loud music made us a bit sleep deprived.. - Dec 2021

Podcasts for long commutes. Bug spray. Vast reserves of patience. - Aug 2020

Patience and good hiking shoes. - Nov 2019

Patience, humor, malaria pills, kindness. - Oct 2019

Umbrellas and rain boots! - Mar 2019

Respirators and air filters. - Feb 2019

Cold medication. URIs are constant. - Jan 2019

Open mind, toiletries, sunblock, patience, sense of adventure and willingness to learn. - Oct 2018

Patience, sense of humor, and Imodium. - Sep 2018

Don’t come here. - Sep 2018

Non-Toyota spare car parts, long camera lens for wildlife (400mm or longer), camping gear, BBQ grill. - Aug 2018

Camping gear! - Jun 2018

Malaria meds and sense of adventure. - Jun 2018

Sense of adventure and motivation to travel! Also, don't forget to do the wildebeest migration - 11 hour drive and camping available on the river in the Mara Triangle. You need to book about a year in advance! - Aug 2015

Patience, patience, and more patience. Sense of humor. Micromanaging abilities. Malaria medication. Good camera (as mentioned before, there is a great deal of beauty outside Kampala). - Jun 2014

Sunscreen. - Oct 2013

Patience, bathing suit, sunscreen, bug spray, and sense of adventure. - Mar 2013

sense of humor. People are nice, and the experience is more enjoyable if you just take it day to day and enjoy the simple things here. - Sep 2009

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