Kampala - Post Report Question and Answers

What are some typical ways to socialize, either with local people or with other expatriates? Are there groups or clubs that you can recommend?

There are some clubs, there is an Irish ball, Scottish ball each year. It's a very caucasian affair. There are still a lot of colonial throwbacks here which is why getting household help is so inexpensive. You will find your people and plan things with them. You cannot do anything last minute due to traffic. The CLO has been putting on great events. - Jan 2024

Many options-running, sailing, music, diplomatic groups, art groups. - Jun 2022

Gathering at someone’s house or going out to eat at outdoor dining place with friends are popular. Before pandemic, people socialized at bars and clubs, also. There are groups - biking, rock climbing (MCU), and I am sure there are more. - Dec 2021

Many many gatherings at people's houses. There are activities around town, but you have to seek them out and traffic makes getting anywhere a challenge almost all the time. - Aug 2020

Make your own fun. Go to kids' birthday parties with hired artists and bouncy castles. BBQs. Fun evening parties. Interesting shows at the theater downtown. Bars are plentiful and fun as well. - Oct 2019

Dinners at restaurants or at people's homes. There is a diplomatic spouses' group. Sport-specific, too, with biking groups, and running groups (HASH house), mountain climbing club, too. - Mar 2019

There a numerous clubs and social activities. Your ability to participate will depend on where you live and whether or not you'll get stuck in traffic trying to get to them. You'll need to find something close to where you live. - Feb 2019

Lots of groups and clubs. Traffic makes it hard to get to them and be social. Folks tend to be isolated to their own neighborhoods or else spend all day trying to get somewhere. - Jan 2019

There is everything here, people with kids in school have the never ending birthday party circuit to entertain themselves with. There are restaurants, bars, cafes, a couple of malls, quiz nights, dancing classes, work out classes, embassy events, the list goes on. If you want to do something you will find it, you just have to make an effort. If you stay at home and sulk about how bad you have it, well............. - Oct 2018

Most activities are going out for dinners and drinks with friends or to people's houses. Some people do tennis or rock climbing. - Sep 2018

Going out to eat. Taking a yoga class. - Sep 2018

Clubs, restaurants, movie theaters are common, but also there are lots of outdoor activities such as white water rafting and safaris where people gather. - Aug 2018

Going out to restaurants, bars, movies, or upcountry camping and game parks. Biking and hiking clubs are also available and very active. They are based out of Kampala with sometimes upcountry activities/outings. - Jun 2018

Dinners, embassy CLO, whiskey club, school activities, biking club, and climbing club. - Jun 2018

Potlucks, dinner out, there are a few popular bars, several expat bands are quite good and play often, there is a new movie theater. You will have to create a lot of your own fun. - Jun 2014

Restaurants, bars, clubs, sports, movie theaters, bowling alley, paintball, resorts to hang by the pool and have a weekend 'staycation', just to name a few. Most every restaurant is family friendly, kids are welcome just about anywhere. - Mar 2013

Night life is pitiful. Single friends were definitely bored, and there's not really a good dating scene. Entertaining is usually done at other people's houses or at some of the nice restaurants. The expat community is quite nice, though, so it can keep you going for a few years! - Sep 2009

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