Kampala - Post Report Question and Answers

What is the relative size of the expatriate community? How would you describe overall morale among expatriates?

Very large but spread out. Morale here is low, many are leaving or curtailing their tour. This is without a doubt a hardship post. We know people who liked Abuja better. - Jan 2024

Very large and many people come here and stay, so there is a strong sense of community. - Jun 2022

Large. Foreign missionaries, NGOs, Diplomats, Teachers, Agro businesses or any business owners and all sorts of expats live in Uganda. Mixed morale. - Dec 2021

Large expat community. I think morale is mixed, but skews towards being positive. - Aug 2020

I’d say it’s good overall. A lot of people really love it here. - Nov 2019

Large: lots of diplomats, development partners (UN), and entrepreneurs. Overall morale seemed good. - Oct 2019

THere are a lot of expats here. I think most really like their experience. Kampala is pretty easy to navigate. - Mar 2019

Large and varied community. Morale is also varied. Many people are quite happy, but an equal number are miserable due to the factors that seem to complicate life. It largely depends on you. - Feb 2019

Lots and lots of expats. Overall morale is great; expats tend to come and stay long-term. In the USG, however, I'd say morale is moderate to low. - Jan 2019

The expat community is huge and have been a highlight of our time here. Most of our friends are outside of the embassy bubble and have made our time in Uganda very pleasant. I would say that most people are happy here. However, if you focus on all of the negative things, you will of course, make yourself and everyone else around you miserable. - Oct 2018

Kampala has a big expat community because of the diplomatic missions and NGOs. Morale has been low because of the hiring freeze . - Sep 2018

I would say morale is low. - Sep 2018

Very large. Morale is very high. - Aug 2018

It is a large expat community between American/European/Asia. Generally good morale and good 'mixing' of different expats (much of which might also related to the international school community you're part of). - Jun 2018

I am not sure of the size. It seem pretty big and people seem pretty happy here. There are the usual challenges of living in a developing country but there are a lot of advantages. A good school, great weather, good help, nice housing, good travel within Uganda, good services (food delivery, tailoring). - Jun 2018

Large expat community and very good morale. - Aug 2015

Large. Besides diplomatic missions, there are many, many international NGOs here. I would say that morale is okay. This can be a really tough place to live. Some people love it, but most people I know will be really glad to finish their tours. The countless small daily frustrations wear you down after awhile. - Jun 2014

The expat community is large. A lot of missionaries and traveling missionaries. Morale....? - Oct 2013

HUGE. Expats from everywhere around the world are here. It is very easy to get out meet people and make friends from outside your inner work circle. - Mar 2013

Large. There are lots of embassies, and every NGO or international organization comes to Uganda. Lots of missionaries, too. - Sep 2009

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