Kampala - Post Report Question and Answers

Would someone with physical disabilities have difficulties living in this city?

Yes, this is not a place where you can even take a safe walk outside. - Jan 2024

Yes. There are terrible roads, no sidewalks and very little infrastructure. - Jun 2022

Yes. - Dec 2021

Yep. Would not recommend coming here if you are anything other than fully mobile. Practice some parkour before coming here if you plan to walk around a lot. - Aug 2020

I think very, very difficult. - Nov 2019

As with most developing countries, it would be tough to get around with physical disabilities. Not impossible though. There are sidewalks in some areas. You could walk on the road, but you really have to mind traffic if you're doing that. Some buildings (modern or government) had elevators. - Oct 2019

Absolutely. This would be a challenging post for someone with physical disabilities. That said, we had an employee here in a wheelchair and she did great (had an amazing attitude, too). - Mar 2019

Absolutely. This is a very, very difficult place for people of different abilities, whether that is physical or mental. The local Embassy supported school has excellent programs for children, but otherwise resources are extremely limited. Disability is seen as shameful, and virtually no attempt is made to accommodate the disabled. They are barred from leaving the home, prevented from going to school, and not accommodated in the workplace. There are fantastic advocates attempting to improve the quality of life for those of differing abilities, but it is a difficult struggle. - Feb 2019

Yes, definitely. It's possible, but would not be easy. - Jan 2019

They would have definitely have a hard time. There are no sidewalks and no building are adapted to accommodate people with disabilities. - Oct 2018

Yes. - Sep 2018

Yes, wheelchair accessibility is non-existent. - Sep 2018

Yes. No sidewalks, and few businesses have any amenities for physical challenges. - Aug 2018

Hills can be challenging for people in wheelchairs, as it's VERY hilly! Also, I'm not sure how wheelchair accessible restaurants are here. - Jun 2018

Yes. There are no sidewalks. I am able-bodied and I find it difficult to get around in the city. - Jun 2018

Absolutely. - Aug 2015

Extreme difficulty. They only place I know of with any sort of accessibility at all is the Embassy with the possible exception of a couple newer malls. - Jun 2014

Yes. There are no ramps, accessible parking, or elevators. - Oct 2013

MANY. Sidewalks are rare as are elevators. The malls do have ramps, though. - Mar 2013

No sidewalks, few elevators, no curb cuts, very few accommodations. - Sep 2009

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