Kampala - Post Report Question and Answers

Are there problems with ethnic, race/racial minorities or religious prejudices? Gender equality?

Yes. Much on all fronts. I worry for the next elections. - Jan 2024

Not in our experience, there are some local prejudices among other African countries, but in general, it's a very mixed community and there does not feel like there is any blatant prejudice. Gender equality is better here than in many places. - Jun 2022

In general, women are treated unequally by men unless they are caucasian women. - Dec 2021

This is a largely patriarchal society that does not respect women as much as men. However as an expat you may be shielded from that somewhat. - Aug 2020

Gender equality seems to me to be light years behind. - Nov 2019

There are ethnic issues within Uganda, but Ugandans overall appeared fairly comfortable with foreigners, although I understand there are lots of stereotypes held by some (e.g., white people are rich, the Chinese are up to no good, men are automatically more respected than women, etc.). - Oct 2019

Gender-based violence is definitely a problem in Uganda and one can see a difference in how men and women are treated. The tribal groups are definitely distinct, too. The current President and therefore the GoU is mostly from one region and this is definitely a sore spot for Ugandans of other ethnicities. - Mar 2019

Religious prejudice seems real. - Feb 2019

Not really. Definitely not when compared to other countries in the continent. - Jan 2019

There definitely seem to be gender equality issues. - Oct 2018

Gender equality is a very serious issue. I've heard there have been serial murders of women and women kidnapped for ransom and killed and that the crimes aren't investigated properly because it isn't a priority. There are definitely some religious prejudices. - Sep 2018

Women are treated poorly. Seem to be a lot of male chauvinists. - Sep 2018

Not that I have seen, unless perhaps if you are openly Wiccan. Superstition and is rampant here, and a general ignorance of non-Christian/non-Muslim religions. - Aug 2018

Gender based violence (combined with alcohol abuse) is a serious issue in Ugandan society and worrisome as it's not enough addressed as being an issue (particularly in rural areas). There's different ethnic groups and religions but not sure that there's a real prejudice though at that level. - Jun 2018

I do not feel Ugandans are particularly kind to women. - Jun 2018

Gender, yes. Despite gains in recent years, women are NOT equal or particularly well-respected here. Racial or religious prejudices do not seem particularly strong though there are some very distinct divisions. It's actually quite incredible that so many people of different ethnic groups (over 50) live together in relative peace in such a small geographic area. - Jun 2014

Not so much. Outside of Kampala you can run into your typical tribal disputes. - Oct 2013

Not that I have had experience with, but I am sure they exist on some level. White people are referred to as Muzungus everywhere, but it is not meant to be offensive. Religion is about 85% Christian, 12% Muslim, and the rest is a mixture. - Mar 2013

Not really. Women are second class, but that's true in most places. Jews are not known here and are seen as a bit of an oddity. - Sep 2009

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