Kampala - Post Report Question and Answers

Are there any particular mental health issues that tend to crop up at post, such as Seasonal Affective Disorder (winter blues)?

not in our experience - Jun 2022

During pandemic, it is rather difficult to meet people. I have seen many new arrivals to the country may suffer from feeling isolated. Others may suffer from constant harassment from traffic police when driving, constant scams, electricity outages, no city water, constant unexpected breaking and issues of your rental house, etc. If you are not associated with an organization that takes good care of you, it can be difficult to navigate on your own, however, there is a number of Facebook groups that are of good help. - Dec 2021

Prior to COVID, no. Great temps year-round. - Aug 2020

Just intense anger at the traffic. - Nov 2019

Nearly on the equator so I didn't feel/notice anyone else with SAD. Traffic, pollution, noise can sap your resiliency. Exercise, golf, safaris were great ways to restore my resiliency. - Oct 2019

Road/Traffic jam rage. Sitting in traffic for eight hours to go a few kilometers can make even normally mild-mannered individuals flip. - Feb 2019

We don't have winter, and it's 12hrs daylight all year round, so no winter blues. The terrible traffic and commute times seem to lower morale and make it hard for folks to be socially engaged. - Jan 2019

No, not here. - Dec 2018

None that I know of; the weather in Uganda is AMAZING. It is between 75-85 all year long, some rain during rainy season, but the sun comes right back out. - Oct 2018

There are definitely a fair number of people who seem to suffer from alcoholism and depression but I couldn't comment on that in comparison to other posts. - Sep 2018

No. - Aug 2018

No. - Jun 2018

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