Kampala - Post Report Question and Answers

Is this a good city for single people? For couples? For families? Why or why not?

We have a family and have friends in every catagory and all seem quite happy here. - Jun 2022

For singles, it may be tough unless you love activities. I have met many singles do hike, play tennis, or gather and do other activities. It depends on family - if your older children would prefer to have more electives at school, ISU is not a big school to have many electives, although students can take online courses. For families with small children seem to really enjoy Uganda. I would say it is a good post for couples. - Dec 2021

Mostly good for families given the reportedly good schools and affordable help. I feel like being single here would be tough. Being here as a couple would likely be fine, but maybe not much to do in the city itself. - Aug 2020

Good for families, so much for kids to see and experience. - Nov 2019

It was great for families. Lots of other families to meet and with whom one could socialize. - Oct 2019

For families, yes, because the kids meet a lot of amazing other kids from all over the world. The school is a great place to meet other families with similar aged kids. And, luckily, most expats live in the same general areas, so it is easy to get together. I don't know about singles or couples. - Mar 2019

In the end, it all depends on how good you are at making fun for yourself with limited resources. - Feb 2019

It's good for all of the above. Lots of single folks here, and there's a good bit going on with the music scene, outdoorsy stuff, etc. Lots of restaurants and get-aways for couples. Plenty for families. Problems are, as mentioned, traffic and air pollution (but get outside of Kampala and both go away). - Jan 2019

This is a good city for all. - Oct 2018

I think it would be tough to be single here. For couples it's boring. People with families seem to like this post best. I think for those with kids the schools, affordable help, and overall affordability is nice. - Sep 2018

I would not recommend this city for anyone. - Sep 2018

Yes for all. - Aug 2018

Good city for all! Different groups seem to all find each other. - Jun 2018

I think best for couples and families; I think it is pretty difficult for singles to get out and meet others. - Jun 2018

Great for families, I'm guessing moderate for singles and great for couples. - Aug 2015

Best for families with kids who are in school, I think, especially outdoorsy type families. Okay for couples. Very tough for singles. There are NO PARKS in this city. There are some playgrounds for young kids at malls but those also tend to be the biggest targets for the (very real) terrorist threat, so it's a bit of a risk. There are a wide variety of restaurants/cuisines--most are decent, none are fantastic. - Jun 2014

Families yes. For singles, it can be. There is plenty of nightlife and a good singles community. - Oct 2013

This is a great city for families. Lots to do to stay occupied, entertainment for the little ones is based on friends and getting together on weekends, birthday parties, etc. For singles and couples there is a lively nightlife here: dance clubs and bars. And great restaurants for all. - Mar 2013

For families, yes - only because there are a lot of other families and lots of visiting each other's houses. There are some pools, but they are all COLD, some camping, but it is rustic, and some playgrounds, but they are dirty. You can make do and have fun, somehow. Each family had something special to offer the kids - one had a bouncy castle, one had a pool, one had a good jungle gym, etc. etc. Bring something over with you if you can. - Sep 2009

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