Tunis - Post Report Question and Answers

What have been the highlights of your time in this country? Best trips or experiences?

Beaches and fantastic Roman ruins, the best in the world. Traveling to the Sahara and camping under the stars. Great produce. Tunisia is a small country and you can see a lot of it. - Jun 2022

Living right on the Mediterranean is incredible. There are beautiful beaches and the desert is amazing. The historical sites and Roman ruins are unbelievable. - May 2022

Beaches and Roman ruins. - Nov 2020

The travel I've been able to do outside of Tunisia. Cheap flights to Europe. - May 2020

Trips out to the Roman and Islamic sites - El Djem, Dougga, Kairouan. Enjoying beach weekends in Sousse or Hammamet. - Nov 2017

Nice beaches, hotels, and restaurants. The medina (souk) is the place to shop. - Nov 2015

The couscous is delicious, I prefer it over Moroccan couscous. Visiting Roman ruins in Oudna and Dougga was a real treat. I've seen the Colosseum and I think that Dougga was MUCH better! Making a few friends that I hope we keep in touch with. - Nov 2014

Trying couscous. - Jun 2013

Fresh local fruits and vegetables (strawberry season is amazing), beautiful mosaics in Dougga, Oudna, and Bulla Regia, delicious donuts in Sidi Bou Said, beautiful views of the Med from Gammarth and Sidi Bou Said hills. - Feb 2012

Visiting all the Roman ruins, taking the ferry to Sicily, being close to family and friends in Europe, wine tasting, weekend drives to secluded beaches, trips to the desert, seeing the ksars and ruined villages. - Oct 2011

The proximity to the beach and cheap travel to Europe. - May 2010

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