Tunis - Post Report Question and Answers

What are some interesting/fun things to do in the area? Can you recommend any “hidden gems"?

Lots of day trip possibilities. My favorite was to go hiking around Zaghouan area - about an hour and half away. You can also go to beaches around Raf Raf or to roman ruins like Dougga, El Jem, and Uthina. The northern part of the country actually has some nice forests, while there are interesting deserts in the south. - Jan 2024

As above, don't miss Dougga, Djerba and Tozeur. The north coast around Bizerte is really lovely and the coolest place in the summer. - Jun 2022

Dougga, Tabarka, Hammamet, Djerba, Tozeur, Kelibia, Kairouan- this country is full of amazing places! - May 2022

There are hundreds of archaeological sites and just as many different beaches. - Nov 2020

All the Carthage sites are interesting. - May 2020

If you have children 6 and under, I highly recommend eating at "La Galette" because they have some toys for kids to play with and they also sell clothing articles. It's baby friendly and the food is a little pricey but delicious. If you google it you will find the information. Oudna and Dougga are the Roman ruins we visited that I highly recommend. Go get a spa service at Movenpick and they will let you use the pool (indoor and outdoor) this was our escape while in Tunisia. The view is breath taking and the beach is private. - Nov 2014

Lots of beaches to go to, ruins to see. Carthage is full of incredible history! Many more sights to see if you travel outside of the capital, including the set where Star Wars was filmed. - Jul 2013

Douggs is a great place to see ruins. I think it's more impressive than Carthage. - Jun 2013

Many historical sites to visit in Dougga, El Jem, Oudna, Bulla Regia, Carthage and Tunis. Beaches all along the coast. Hunting in the mountainous areas and desert. Desert activities in the South. Biking, running, horseback riding, tennis, golf, sailing, jet skiing, and beach going. - Feb 2012

Walk around La Marsa, Sidi Bou Said, Tunis medina, Tunis central market, beaches or old city in Hammamet, the ruins at Dougga, El Jem and Carthage (among many others), visit the south (especially the oasis of Ksar Ghilane), rug shopping in Kairouan, visit Djerba (an island in the south). - Jul 2010

The beach, horseback riding, cheap trips to europe, Matmata (the site for Star Wars filming), Tozeur, the Sahara. - May 2010

Roman ruins, Roman ruins...did I mention Roman ruins?In the summer, the beach, the embassy pool, exploring the medina, hamam, outdoor restaurants, trips out of town, excursions to the south. - Jan 2010

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