Tunis - Post Report Question and Answers

If you move here, you can leave behind your:

Don't come here with a hope that the economic or political situation will improve. This country is on a downward trajectory. I came here 20 years earlier and could see how things have declined - a lot more trash, more graffitti, more crime, more hopelessness. But it's still a wonderful country. I miss the sunsets over sidi bou said. - Jan 2024

Coat, rushed pace, driving rules. - Jun 2022

Traffic rules. - May 2022

Germanic driving theories, concerns about the random pet walking down the street. - Nov 2020

Snow gear (unless you plan to travel to go ski). - May 2020

Snow shovel. - Nov 2015

Short shorts, low cut tops, stiletto heels. - Nov 2014

Winter clothes and driving manners! - Jul 2013

cocktail dresses, short shorts, big SUV, and any idea that life will be wonderful here. The beaches are dirty and polluted. Unless you want to pay $90 Dinars to use a hotel pool, don't go to the beach in La Marsa. - Jun 2013

US voltage appliances, heavy winter clothes. - Feb 2012

sexy going-out clothes, and any desire for a crazy night out on the town. - Jul 2010

expectations of meeting a deadline, tuna, and olive oil. - May 2010

Skis, dreams of warm and fuzzy locals, olive oil, olives. - Jan 2010

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