Tunis - Post Report Question and Answers

Are there any particular health concerns? What is the quality of available medical care? What medical conditions typically require medical evacuation?

Medical care is only so-so, but you're an hour flight from France or Italy if you need more complicated work. Food safety is actually ok. I don't think I got diarrhea once the whole time I was there, and I don't have a strong stomache. - Jan 2024

Healthcare is pretty good with lots of French-trained doctors and people travel here for healthcare. Navigating it can be a bit challenging as you book direct: recommendations are key. Very complex conditions or cutting edge treatments would need to be outside Healthcare. Quite poor support for learning differences for children, very old-fashioned and not many practitioners. - Jun 2022

Hospitals are not the best. For anything serious it's better to evacuate to Europe or the US. - May 2022

You can find OK care. COVID is certainly taking a toll on providers. - Nov 2020

Medical care is subpar to US standards but overall ok. Hannibal and La Marsa clinics are good. - May 2020

Medical care is inconsistent. I have heard about several people getting very sick, including hospital stays, in recent months. - Nov 2017

There is a good Medical Unit in the embassy. Some hospitals have high Western standards, others do not. - Nov 2015

Medical care is good, though not quite up to western standards. For example while I was hospitalized once overnight and was having my blood drawn repeatedly, not once did the nurse wear gloves or clean my IV site before injecting into it. - Jul 2013

It costs about $40 to see any doctor/dentist/eye doctor. Visit the US Embassy website to find good English-speaking doctors - Jun 2013

There are medical and dental facilities. Some women had babies in country. I had dental and medical work done there. It is only slightly less expensive than the US. - Feb 2012

No specific health concerns. If you need medical care, go to the private clinics. There are a few in La Marsa that are pretty good. Our limited experience with them was fairly good. Dental work was also decent and cheap. - Oct 2011

Health care is supposed to be pretty good at some of the private clinics, although luckily we never had firsthand experience with this. - Jul 2010

Decent care is available, but cleanliness standards in hospitals are lacking. - May 2010

The healthcare is fine. I've seen a few local doctors for minor problems and the care has been good- and the doctors are English speaking in all three offices. If you have a serious issue however, you will be medevaced to London. - Jan 2010


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