Tunis - Post Report Question and Answers

What is the relative size of the expatriate community? How would you describe overall morale among expatriates?

Medium-sized. In addition to the diplomatic community there is a decent sized community of international NGOs, although they are currently under some stress because of the political situation. - Jan 2024

English speaking is pretty small. Lots more French. Morale is good: it's sunny and good value! - Jun 2022

There are a fair number of expats in Tunis if you manage to break free from the Embassy bubble. Morale is highest among people who don't center their lives around the Embassy. - May 2022

Quite large and quite good. - Nov 2020

Several hundred. Morale is good. - May 2020

The expatriate community has grown significantly since I've been here and continues to do so. It seems like all the embassies and international organizations here are expanding. - Nov 2017

A few thousand expats (mostly French) with multinationals and embassies. - Nov 2015

Whenever I saw other diplomats it always seemed like people were talking about who is leaving next and when everyone is leaving. There's not many people who love living here. - Nov 2014

Relatively large, especially in the northern suburbs. Lots of French expats. - Jul 2013

Thousands of French, hardly any Americans after the embassy was attacked. - Jun 2013

The French community is very large, in the tens of thousands. There is also a regular stream of tourists. There are foreign businesspersons and diplomats. - Feb 2012

The French expat community seems enormous, but the US expats probably number under 200. Brits are possibly the biggest English-speaking group here. There seem to be a fair number who retire and/or vacation here, as well as some who have married Tunisians. - Oct 2011

Bigger than one would expect because of the African Development Bank, which temporarily relocated to Tunis in 2003 because of the war in Cote D'Ivoire. It will eventually move back, but as of 2009 the timing for this was unsure. - Jul 2010

Not very big, as there aren't too many NGOs here (Tunisia doesn't need anyone's help). Mostly French and Italians. - May 2010

Medium. The European, particularly French community is huge. There is a small group of Americans, some from the U.S. embassy and some who live/work here in other capacities. - Jan 2010

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