Tunis - Post Report Question and Answers

Do you have any recommendations regarding mobile phones? Did you keep your home-country plan or use a local provider?

We used Google Fi which worked great. - Jan 2024

Local pay as you go is cheap. Mobiles brought in from outside must be registered within 30 days. Most phone brands available here, but prices a bit higher. Repairs good value. - Jun 2022

We used a local provider. It's cheap (about $10/month). - May 2022

Lots of providers availible. - Nov 2020

Local provider-it's cheap here. - May 2020

Bring an unlocked smartphone - most providers offer pay-as-you-go for reasonable rates. - Nov 2017

Get a local phone -- low cost. - Nov 2015

All of the providers are decent and affordable. - Jul 2013

Cheap packages are available. - Jun 2013

Tunisians all use cell phones. You can also get a 3-G network over your phone. - Feb 2012

Cheap pre-paid plans available. - Oct 2011

It's easy to buy a SIM card at Carrefour and be up and running immediately. - Jul 2010

Here they are pay as you go. Easily available. Just take your passport with you to get a sim card. - May 2010

Get a cell phone. They're cheap and useful. - Jan 2010

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