Tunis - Post Report Question and Answers

Are credit cards widely accepted and safe to use locally? Are ATMs common and do you recommend using them? Are they safe to use?

Yes, cards accepted in lots of shops, some places need cash though. ATMs are generally safe; they can run a bit low on cash sometimes but there is usually another one very close. - Jun 2022

You can use credit cards at the malls or big grocery stores, but for the most part it is a cash economy. The ATM at the Embassy will let you withdraw the most money. - May 2022

About 50/50. Large places and restaurants allow card use. There is an ATM at the embassy. - Nov 2020

Credit cards are accepted widely, ATMS are everywhere and safe. - May 2020

This is largely a cash economy but fortunately ATMS are common and seem safe to use. International withdrawal fees are harsh though - try to arrange a deal with your bank ahead of time. - Nov 2017

No problems. Just check the exchange fees with your bank. - Nov 2015

Many people have had their cards eaten in ATM machines, though I never had a problem. It depends, though I can't say what it depends on exactly. It seems rather unpredictable. No issues using a CC in Carrefour, but I wouldn't use one in smaller places. - Jul 2013

Credit cards are accepted. US cash is not accepted. Upon arrival I tried to tip someone at a hotel a few US dollars, and he didn't want it - Jun 2013

ATMs are safe to use. Credit cards should only be used in hotels and major restaurants. - Feb 2012

They work fine. Best option for getting cash. - Oct 2011

ATM machines are everywhere and easy to use. We used cash otherwise, but some restaurants took credit cards. - Jul 2010

They usually work, but sometimes they ALL are down. - May 2010

You can use them, but you're better off carrying cash. - Jan 2010

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