Is high-speed home Internet access available? How long does it typically take to install it after arrival?

There is phone and internet that you can get set up within a few days of your arrival but the quality is not the best. Orange is the main carrier. Their phone service is OK but their internet is not good. Pay more for an internet server if you want any type of consistent service and even then do not expect it to work all of the time. - Aug 2019

Installation happened on the day we arrive; super fast! - Aug 2019

Yes. It is quick to get it installed once arriving in country. - Aug 2019

In Monrovia high-speed internet access, $150/mth, is good and easily installed, for free. We stream Netflix without too many problems. - Nov 2017

Yes - it's fast, but it is expensive and sometimes unreliable. Installation was not complicated for me as I use a hotspot sort of system and for the most part it works well. - Jun 2016

I spend $80/month for 20 GBs of 3G internet from Cellcom. Other options are available, although many use USB stick mobile data modems or hotspots. - Aug 2015

Medium speed, often dropped service costs about US$150 per month. Prepare to reset your modem regularly. Lines at the offices where you pay are long and chaotic, and they don't do online payments. - Dec 2013

Currently the best internet available is a 4G service provided by Cellcom. It is $150 a month for embassy employees, but you are limited to 12GB of throughput at the 4G speed, and when you run out, you are throttled down to a 256K connection. Fiber was dropped earlier in the year and is scheduled to go live in late January. We do not currently have pricing plans for it, though. - Dec 2012

Very slow and expensive: $150/month. - Aug 2010

High-speed access is not available. Currently Internet fees run from $50 for 64 kb/s to $200 for 256 kb/s per month and must be paid three months in advance. - Jul 2009

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