Sarajevo - Post Report Question and Answers

What household or grocery items do you wish you had shipped to post?

Bring anything spicy as Bosnian "spicy" is very, very mild. And bring anything that you are picky about having, but also realize that if you need to, the EU is a day trip away (either Budapest or Zagreb). - Mar 2024

If I need something, I can usually buy it on Amazon and ship to the DPO. - Apr 2021

Corned beef. - Dec 2017

None. Most food items or household goods could be bought in Sarajevo, a neighboring country, or online. - Sep 2017

Nothing. - Feb 2017

Some specialty food items. - May 2016

Unscented detergent, canned green beans and soups, applesauce/baby food squeeze pouches, make-up, ingredients for ethnic cooking. - Aug 2014

None really. You can get mostly anything, though I would bring your favorite liquid brands that you can't ship. Most items in the store come from Croatia or Slovenia. - Nov 2012

Snow tires (tires are expensive in Europe), motor oil (also expensive). - Aug 2011

chocolate chips, cake mix, brownie mix, make-up, peanut butter. - May 2011

Snow tires, chocolate chips and some of your favorite baking supplies. Otherwise, you can get pretty much what you need here. - May 2010

Nothing in particular. I tended to bring back the few things we needed in my suitcases on trips, or order them through Netgrocer. - Jun 2009

Cooking sauces (liquids and glass are not allowed in the pouch) - Mar 2009

Exotic spices and curry-pastes. Presents for children/babies. - Dec 2008

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