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What is the availability and cost of household help, and what types of help are typically employed by expatriates?

People hire nannies, cleaners, and gardeners. Prices are manageable. - Mar 2024

Household help is readily available and very affordable. Families employ nannies, housekeepers, gardeners, dog walkers, and taxi drivers (some even have car seats). The going rate is 10KM per hour or $6 per hour. - Apr 2021

I know there is plenty of help available (nannies, housekeepers, gardeners), but I don't know the cost since we don't use any. - Dec 2017

Household help, nannies, and babysitters are inexpensive and generally employed by the community. There are a finite number of babysitters and nannies available. As such, competition for their services is high. Unless your babysitter or nanny only works for you, chances are you are going to run into scheduling problems if you plan on going to events or parties without your kids because your nanny or babysitter will likely be busy if you didn't plan in advance or make arrangements. - Sep 2017

Relatively cheap and available. Most people will have a cleaning person for one day a week, families with small children tend to have a full time nanny/housekeeper. - Feb 2017

Nannies and housekeepers are everywhere and the going rate is 10 Bosnian marks per hour. - May 2016

Lots and cheap! 10 KM per hour is the normal rate for housecleaning or babysitting. - Aug 2014

Moderate. Most people have help, but not daily. I paid 10 KM/hour for mine, slightly above the going rate. - Nov 2012

Abundant, and about 6-7 USD/hr gets a very competent, hard-working person. - Aug 2011

$6-7 an hour - May 2011

About 7 dollars an hour - lots of people looking for work here. - May 2010

Easily available for part or full-time. I think the cost is pretty reasonable. I paid our household help the equivalent of $6.60 an hour. - Jun 2009

Easy to find housekeepers and baby sitters. Prices vary, but it's definitely cheaper than in the States. - Mar 2009

3 to 5 euro an hour. Most have a cleaninglady twice a week (the smog makes everything black) and a babysitter whenever necessary. - Dec 2008

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