Sarajevo - Post Report Question and Answers

Would someone with physical disabilities have difficulties living in this city?

Yes. Even people without physical disabilities can find it difficult. Some disabilities would be more serious than others: If you can not do any steps at all you will be limited (there are many curbs without ramps). If you have any breathing issues you need to know that the AQI hits 300+ during the winter. - Mar 2024

Yes. - Apr 2021

Yes, definitely. Sidewalks are a mess. The city is definitely not handicapped-friendly. - Dec 2017

Yes, it is not a disability-friendly city. - Sep 2017

Yes. Lots of stairs, parking on sidewalks, no lifts.... - May 2016

Yes. LOTS of steep hills and pathways with stairs. Narrow to no sidewalks. - Aug 2014

Tons. Lots of hills and crumbling side walks that mostly serve as parking places. - Nov 2012

This is not a handicapped-accessible city in the least. A couple of newer malls are accessible, but that's it. You never see any handicapped people out and about in Bosnia. I only saw a large number during a period when a Moroccan "healer" was in town at the Olympic stadium -- then many came out for that. - Aug 2011

A lot of difficulties. Broken sidewalks, limited ramps. - May 2011

It would be hard, but not impossible. New facilities like recently construced malls do have ramps, and most two story shopping facilities have elevators. - May 2010

A lot. Bumpy sidewalks, few wheelchair-accessible sidewalks, many buildings do not have elevators, or the elevators often break down. - Jun 2009

Getting around town would be challenging as handicap facilities are not common. Many streets have narrow or no sidewalks and people tend to park everywhere blocking the walking areas. - Mar 2009

A lot, no side walks, a lot of holes and poles where you don't expect them etc. - Dec 2008

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