What kind of car do you recommend bringing to post, given the terrain, availability of parts, burglary/carjacking risks, etc.? What kind of car do you advise not to bring?

The smaller the better, because many roads and parking spots are small. Be prepared for some dings or scratches. Friends who have larger cars make it work, but if you get a second car here make it compact. - Jul 2018

Most members of the embassy community have scratched their cars here due to parking issues. This is not something we expected coming to EUR! I have scratched my car more here than in the other 2 more developing world countries we have lived in! Some families have mini-vans, but I don't feel comfortable driving ours, due to narrow roads in the hills and difficult parking in the hills. It is rare to see a large SUV here. Many people have RAV4s. We have used the Toyota and Honda dealerships and been very happy with the service. A few people at the embassy have motorcycles. Parts still cost more here, so you may find yourself ordering parts. - Apr 2016

I had a small SUV and it did just fine in Croatia. Parking can be problematic so I'd avoid bringing something huge. Getting parts for some U.S. vehicles locally could be problematic, but given that auto parts are significantly more expensive in Croatia than in the U.S., it is probably better to order them from the States anyway. - Aug 2014

Anything is fine. The local roads here are in rough shape but the bigger roads and highways are top notch. - Jun 2014

You could bring anything here, but I'd recommend something with 4WD like an Audi or small SUV. During the winter months the streets aren't plowed very well and the Embassy doesn't get the same delays and snow days like people in DC do. I would definitely bring a set of snow tires in your HHE no matter what car you drive. - Feb 2014

Any kind is fine. - Jan 2012

There are no carjackings, it's unheard of. Small typical European cars are best for parking around the city. - Dec 2011

Best not to have a large car. Something small that can fit into tiny parking spaces is suggested. - Oct 2010

Most any car is fine here, although don't attempt to bring a huge SUV!Roads can be narrow and parking is tight. We drive an Odyssey and we're like a gigantic space craft on wheels around here. - Mar 2009

Roads are very good in the city and in most of the country. Parts of American cars can be expensive and it can take longer to get them in. - Mar 2009

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