Zagreb - Post Report Question and Answers

What household or grocery items do you wish you had shipped to post?

Nothing that I can think of. - Jan 2023

Since we do not have a commissary, and the nearest one is at Aviano Air Base or Vicenza Army Base, I wish anything in a spray can (PAM cooking spray) or in large jars over the shipping limit were available. - Jul 2018

Nothing really given the availability of commodities in Zagreb, the ability to order via Amazon, and Aviano Air Force Base being located three hours away. - Aug 2014

Nothing really. - Jun 2014

Our own personal mattress, snow tires, beach supplies (for the 2-hour drive to the coast), any BIG item you can't order on Amazon. - Feb 2014

Mainly food items, like baking supplies and certain spices. If you like ethnic food you should bring some of your staples. - Jan 2012

Perhpas more food. There are not many options. Everything is very limited, and I really didn't enjoy that there was no variety, and all they sell is just pizza and pasta. - Dec 2011

Peanut butter! - Oct 2010

Peanut butter, mayo, American treats and candy, chocolate chips, brown sugar, cereal. - Mar 2009

American groceries (peanut butter is very expensive, as is maple syrup). Plastic Ziploc bags are very different here, and I am glad I brought some. Specific brand items that you might have a strong preference for. - Mar 2009

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