Can you save money?

Yes, if you don't travel every weekend! - Apr 2016

If you work at it. But, don't scrimp so much that you don't experience all of the wonderful things Croatia has to offer. - Aug 2014

Yes. - Jun 2014

Not really... this tour has broken our bank. - Feb 2014

Yes, if you try fairly hard. Croatia is somewhat expensive and it's easy to spend money traveling, but overall it's not awfully expensive. - Jan 2012

Yes, things are cheaper here (relatively) more than in other euro countries. - Dec 2011

Not really. - Oct 2010

Yes! The only thing that could limit your savings are all the awesome travel opportunities here. - Mar 2009

I think so. We were in Rome before, and we are doing much better here, and living "larger." - Mar 2009

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