Zagreb - Post Report Question and Answers

What is the typical dress code at work and in public places? Is formal dress ever required?

At the embassy, it's business or business casual, depending on the office. In public, if you're a guy then you can wear joggers and t-shirts and fit right in. Local women, however, seem to get dolled up even to take their dogs for a walk around the neighborhood. - Jan 2023

For officers it is business professional. Many AEFM roles wear business casual or sometimes dressy casual (jeans and nice top). In the summer, the Ambassador typically has a summer dress code; last summer it was casual Fridays and this year it was no ties. When out in the city, you will see people (especially women) dress up for everything, from going to the grocery store to going to the club. People are super stylish, which is why there are so many hair salons and clothing stores. Shorts and flip flips are not as common here as what you would see in the States. - Jul 2018

You don't see a lot of slobs in Croatia and people generally get a bit dressed up even to do everyday things like go to the grocery store. Dress at the Embassy is either suit and tie or business casual depending on your specific job. - Aug 2014

Business casual. - Jun 2014

Suits at the Embassy, jeans and polos in the city. - Feb 2014

It's a fairly formal society. - Jan 2012

Conservative and not sloppy. They're pretty trendy but girls are pretty modest in their dress. - Mar 2009

Smart, elegant for work and around the city, but casual is also accepted. - Mar 2009

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