What types of jobs do most expatriate spouses/partners have? Locally based or telecommuting? Full-time or part-time? Can you comment on local salary scales?

There are currently ten positions in the Mission for AEFMs (including two EPAP jobs), but it is competitive. It seems right now most people want part-time work. The hiring freeze was rough on morale, but now that we have all of our positions full with people still wanting to work, there is still some grumbling.

A couple of spouses work remotely for their U.S. companies, and a few others freelance for clients. If one really wants to work and cannot find the above options, I found that there is ALWAYS an opportunity tutoring in English, for kids and adults. Just network a bit and you will find people willing to pay you for that service. - Jul 2018

The embassy here is medium sized but has very few family member jobs. I think the current Management/GSO/CLO are trying to introduce new positions, as there is a great demand. Even the very entry level jobs such as security escort are filled, and all openings seem to have multiple people applying. The job market in Croatia is really poor for Croatians, with high unemployment, but also a high level of education. So the likelihood of finding a job on the local economy is very, very small. The few expat spouses I know who work are tele-commuting or teaching/tutoring English. I think many family members would like to work part/full time but have no opportunity. - Apr 2016

I would say no. High unemployment and a real need to know a very difficult language. There are some opportunities in the Embassy for family members - Jun 2014

Not sure. - Feb 2014

No. It's very difficult to get a job outside of the embassy. It is also hard to find volunteer opportunities, as it's something that's just not part of the culture. - Jan 2012

None. - Dec 2011

Not many. - Oct 2010

Not really. - Mar 2009

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