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What is the availability and cost of household help, and what types of help are typically employed by expatriates?

Household help is usually about 50 kuna an hour, which is about US$7.50 an hour. Many people hire house cleaners and gardeners. Those with kids hire nannies and babysitters. The problem for many is that 1) the household help may not speak much English and 2) the good help goes quickly. We have had some families struggle to find help. in our experience, it seems like some of the help does not feel comfortable working for families of color. - Jul 2018

Going rate among the embassy is about US$7 an hour, which I find really reasonable. The problem is finding someone to work for you. There is high unemployment here, but many expats struggle to find someone to work regular hours for them. - Apr 2016

Domestic help is readily available. Cost was about US$10 an hour give or take. - Aug 2014

We have a cleaning lady come once per week and she costs about US$40 for 8 hours. We have someone cut the grass for about US$30 and it takes him 8 hours. - Jun 2014

They are plenty and they are reasonable (US$7-9 an hour). - Feb 2014

The Embassy will always help you find help. Most is affordable, but I wouldn't say cheap. - Oct 2010

Cleaning ladies are pretty affordable here. - Mar 2009

Easily available, less good that in other cities I lived at. It runs about 40 to 50 KN/hour. - Mar 2009

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