Do you have any recommendations regarding mobile phones? Did you keep your home-country plan or use a local provider?

The embassy provided SIM cards that we just pay monthly and that we will return once we leave. Plans are cheap compared to the States, although if you go over your data the throttle is brutal. Overage charges are cheap, but the speed is virtually zero. - Jul 2018

There are several local mobile phone providers with a variety of plans and pricing options. Starting and stopping service can be a bit complicated so having someone along that speaks Croatian fairly well can be helpful. Coverage was generally good throughout the country with the occasional blank spot. The Embassy provides a Blackberry to most employees. - Aug 2014

The Embassy provides a blackberry and also a brick phone for the spouses. If you wish to bring an unlocked smartphone, you can get a duplicate SIM card and add a data plan to your account (about US$14 a month for 1GB of data). Your spouse can just use the SIM card from the brick phone in their iPhone/Android. - Feb 2014

Coverage is good, there is a choice between at least three providers. - Mar 2009

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