Zagreb - Post Report Question and Answers

Is this a good city for single people? For couples? For families? Why or why not?

I would say it's pretty good for singles, couples, and families because if you can't find something to do in Zagreb, there are a lot of great places outside the city (both in Croatia and in neighboring/nearby countries) to explore and enjoy. There are a lot of bars/cafes/restaurants in Zagreb, and things like trivia night, dance classes, etc., so singles should have a fair number of options for fun outside the house. - Jan 2023

I would say this is super family-friendly. It has been fun as a couple as well, mostly because it is safe and affordable to travel and go out. For singles I hear this is a pretty quiet place to go out, but I think people of all family compositions can make this post an amazing time. - Jul 2018

Many singles here seem to enjoy travel opportunities and some seem to also get into the dating scene. This is a predominantly family post now, though, and I get the sense that it can be lonely to be here without a spouse. If you don't mind the club/bar/concert scene, you will find a lot to do! As a family with young kids, we have had a much harder time here finding regular babysitters than in other posts, which has limited our ability as adults to go out and experience all the city has to offer. - Apr 2016

My impression is that Zagreb is a fantastic city for families and couples. It was also a good city for singles from my perspective with the caveat that the Croatian social scene can be a little challenging to break in to so persistence is key. - Aug 2014

Excellent for all. - Jun 2014

I would say that Zagreb is a good/better city for families, and couples. From what we hear from the singles, the dating scene is pretty difficult to break into. The locals tend to be either shy or resistant to outsiders getting into their circles. The people who have been here and had any luck at all usually did so with the help of another Croatian that they were mutually friends with. - Feb 2014

I think it's good for all. - Jan 2012

I say mostly for families for the tranquility of the place. However, if you are single, recently married or just arriving alone, it is not the best place. Not much going on in the city, it's kind of boring place. - Dec 2011

Definitely a GREAT city for all! - Oct 2010

It's probably moderate for all. I can't speak for singles, but I imagine that if you wanted to date, you could:almost all young Croats speak excellent English and are generally attractive. For families, it's a nice, liveable city, but somewhat lacking in activities for small children. We find it rather boring and the winter months were very dull stuck in the house all day with no place to take the kids. It's also challenging for lack of sidewalks in the neighborhoods. - Mar 2009

I have heard that it can be difficult for singles to meet other young people. Families will, in my opinion, enjoy this post. - Mar 2009

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