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I have lived in many "difficult" countries but never felt as isolated as I do here. - Jul 2014

Slovenia is a special place! It was the one of the six Ex-Yougoslavian Republics, but it was the least affected by the war. Independent since 1991, today it is part of the EU, NATO and it was the first eastern country to enter the Euro Zone! Although the 2008 economic crisis has hit Slovenia, it is still rich and organized. You will notice a few reminders of the communist period: people only work until 14.00 on Fridays and are extremely strict with their hours and vacations! Also, the banking system, train and telephone lines will give you some headache! But this are all minor problems. Where else would you find a Capital with the feel of a small fairy tale village near the Mediterranean sea, the Alps, Venice, Vienna and other great places! You will love it! - Aug 2011

Slovenia has a lot to offer. The problem is finding people to enjoy Slovenia with. - Jun 2011

As stated before, if you are single or a couple without children, then I seriously advise not moving here, as it is a very lonely place to be and even though you think you may enjoy it because you can spend lots of time in the beautiful countryside, that is not the case in the cold and wet months from October to April. Families with young children who have access to the US embassy community should be fine, but only if they are willing to put their children into schools that don't offer high quality education. - Mar 2011

I'm going to miss this place. - Jun 2010

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