Ljubljana - Post Report Question and Answers

What is your housing like? What are typical housing sizes, locations, and commute times for expatriates?

U.S. Embassy housing is great. There are a few locations in the city center and a few areas outside. Most individuals I knew had commute times of fewer than 10 minutes driving. - Jun 2022

Housing runs the whole range -- single family homes, town houses and apartments. The rental market can be tight as property tends to stay within families. Layouts can be somewhat choppy compared to American standards. - May 2016

All kinds of housing are available, family houses, flats... whatever you like. Commute time depends. By car, I need anywhere between 5 minutes and one hour. - Jul 2014

There are apartments in the Center and houses around the Center. Ljubljana is a very small town, with only about 280,000 inhabitants, so you can easily live in a house outside Ljubljana and work in the capital, if you wish. If you live and work in the central area (around the Castle of Ljubljana), you can easily walk or cycle to work. - Aug 2011

Apartments in town. Houses outside of town. Nothing terribly big. Commutes within Ljubljana itself are short, because the city is so small. It's easy to walk or bike to most places. - Jun 2011

Some people live in small old flats in the town centre. These are really expensive. Lots of people live in the residential outskirts in small flats. Some people live out of town in small houses and have a 30 minute commute to work. - Mar 2011

Housing varies. We live in the city in a very modern penthouse apartment with a patio on the roof. Others live in houses in the suburbs, but, being a small city, that isn't very far away. Everyone complains about space in any of the houses in any European post. I don't feel cramped at all, more closets would be nice but we also have a large personal storage shed in the parking garage, as do most apartments here. - Jun 2010

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