Ljubljana - Post Report Question and Answers

Is this a good city for single people? For couples? For families? Why or why not?

Families: Ljubljana is a fantastic city. All of the families I knew loved it here. Couples: Ljubljana would be a great place to live if you love the outdoors. It’s a small town, however. Singles: I wouldn’t really recommend Ljubljana. Unless you absolutely love the outdoors. This is a very family-oriented country and it is quite difficult to make local friends. The expat scene is pretty small. - Jun 2022

This is a great family post. Lots of activities, inexpensive, easy to get around. - May 2016

Generally for everyone. For people with family/partner it's better, as they have each other. If you are single, you have to get adopted by someone or spend your time alone, without any friends. Children are - unlike many other Western countries (e.g. Austria) - warmly welcomed. - Jul 2014

It's great for couples and families. Not so great for singles, as I have been told by single expats I know. They complain that people here are not very flirty. - Aug 2011

Families, particularly with young children, seem to do well. The expat community is very small and there don't see to be many singles, so the social circle is very limiting for singles and childless couples. - Jun 2011

Singles and couples: I would not recommend moving here. It is a very lonely place to live, where it is extremely difficult to make friends or even meet people. The weather is bad most of the year, so you spend a lot of time alone at home. The locals will not make you feel welcome. The expat community is tiny, mainly older people. Families: when the weather is good there is lots to do and if you have access to the US embassy community you'll be fine as people stick together. If you're not part of the embassy staff you will find it hard to meet people. The international education on offer here is below the standards offered at other schools around the world, so I wouldn't recommend moving here with school age children either. - Mar 2011

Yes. - Jun 2010

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