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Before coming to Bangkok, I was skeptical about the hype about this city and country. I'm now as fullthroated a convert as anyone. It's no wonder so many retired Americans choose to live in Thailand: I'm seriously considering it myself, for the future. - May 2022

It's great to get away from Bangkok for less humidity and to go somewhere cleaner from time to time. - Jun 2018

Thailand will be one of the greatest experiences of your life if you allow it to be. Be respectful, and adventurous, and you will have a fantastic time in their Kingdom. - Aug 2014

If you have small children and have never lived this far from home, you must think about the travel time and the jet lag time and remember that the jet lag is compounded because you won't get to sleep for any of the 30+ hours of travel and plane time. Jet lag is a different beast once you have two or more children and they can take turns keeping you awake for a week or more. If you have an awesome family who will come to visit you, though, then that doesn't matter as much. - Oct 2013

Bangkok is fantastic! - Jun 2013

I would say that this is probably one of the most livable cities in Asia. Once you get used to the buzz, it is an amazing place to live. - Jul 2012

For further information on Bangkok, please follow my blog at - Aug 2011

Living in Bangkok was very comfortable and pretty easy even in the midst of a very different culture. I'd jump at the chance to go back. - May 2010

great place to live as long as you do not miss a change of seasons - Jan 2010

We've been vacationing in Thailand for the better part of fifteen years now, and we truly love this country and all of the exciting things it has to offer. - Jul 2009

Always show the utmost respect for the King and the Royal family. They are revered here. Not only is it against the law to criticize them, it's stupid and rude for an American to do so. - Feb 2009

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