What have been the highlights of your time in this country? Best trips or experiences?

Travel is cheap and easy here. Walking and taking care of elephants, temple viewing, history, eating. We've loved everything about our time here. - Aug 2019

Chiang Mai (tea plantation, night markets are great), Bali, and Phuket (John Gray's sea canoe). Vietnam is also great. Most countries are about a 2 hour flight and flights are not expensive. Enjoy the Chatuchak weekend market but prepare to bargain and sweat a lot. - Jun 2018

Regional travel throughout Southeast Asia is easy and cheap, Northern Thailand and the beaches are awesome, easy to get away for the weekend. We love Vietnam, Laos, Singapore, Indonesia, Myanmar...so much to see. - Apr 2017

Great travel options around the region. We've been all over Thailand and to various countries around the periphery. The food options are excellent. - Nov 2016

Heading to the north of Thailand, visiting temples, gorgeous beaches and never running out of a place I wanted to experience. The people are calm and amazing. - Aug 2015

Eating the local food, traveling around the country, spending time on the beach, enjoying the always busy nightlife, taking in the local culture, learning to be more patient and understanding, and never having to wear cold whether clothing. Oh, and of course the fantastic shopping - especially the "Weekend Market" and Terminal 21. - Aug 2014

The food, the beaches, the expat community is large and diverse and very social. The Thai smile (most of the times). - May 2014

Spending December in Chiang Mai--so beautiful and such perfect weather. - Oct 2013

Having an all-in-one domestic helper who speaks English and Thai. Weekend adventures to Hua Hin, Parks, and Krabi. The Wats are gorgeous in the city-you MUST walk to the top of Wat Saket and take in the view. Songkran Festival is amazing fun-thai's have a great sense of "sanuk" or fun, and celebrate almost everything. - Jul 2013

Playing with a baby elephant near Chiang Mai and scuba diving off Koh Tao. - Jun 2013

We have enjoyed becoming a part of our school community and meeting lots of terrific people. We have gone on amazing vacations -- lots of great snorkeling and beach time! - Jul 2012

Going to the beach, the luxurious and fairly inexpensive movies, wide variety of restaurants, large expat community. - Oct 2011

Food has been incredible to experience. You never stop learning and I enjoy finding new types of food regularly. Temples - Wat Arun at sunset always sticks in my mind. Ayuthaya is a great place to visit for temples in vast numbers. Golden Mount is an impressive temple with an equally impressive panorama over Bangkok. Beaches - More than you can shake a stick at. See the Lonely Planet - Aug 2011

Snorkeling clear waters near Phuket, street food in Bangkok, cooler weather in the hills near Chiang Mai - Jul 2011

As noted, travel opportunities have been spectacular. Our first leg in BKK was somewhat compromised by the civil unrest, whether it was just brewing or full blown. We joke that we know more of the region and the rest of Thailand than we do downtown Bangkok. - Feb 2011

Jaunts to the beaches on Air Asia, visiting Buddhist and occasional Hindu temples, and learning about Thai culture and history. Getting to know Thai people. - May 2010

I visited the Leaning Buddha, the Emerald Buddha, the National Museum, and the Grand Palace. - Apr 2010

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