Bangkok - Post Report Question and Answers

What are the particular advantages of living in this city?

It's a super fun, pulsating city. - Feb 2023

I've gone over this in huge detail in previous boxes, so to sum it up: -- Amazing food scene with variety, at any price point, and with a people (Thais) who love food themselves and love sharing it with you -- Top-notch domestic tourism infrastructure -- Decent cost of living for an expat -- Very family-friendly: good schools, affordable help, Thais very friendly with kids -- Great for singles also: socializing, bar scene, lots of activities / interest groups -- You can find/buy just about anything you need from anywhere in the world - May 2022

It's so walkable and the Skytrain is great for getting around downtown. There's a ton of stuff to do here. If you get bored, something's wrong. There is always a new restaurant opening and food is everywhere. - Jun 2018

Easy living, broad availability of everything, easy travel, great restaurant options, Western convenience. - Apr 2017

Most shopping/food is convenient and fairly cheap. As a hub, you can fly in and out of Bangkok pretty easily to lots of locations. - Nov 2016

Amazing, warm culture. Beautiful weather much of the year (Okay, hot in the spring, but otherwise really manageable), wonderfully safe. Great regional travel. Wonderful temples, amazing shopping... - Aug 2015

Numerous. Numerous. If you truly like Thai food, and can eat like the locals (on the street, in local establishments, etc.), then the cost of living is super cheap. Bangkok is truly an up and coming (if it hasn't already arrived) world city. People always that New York City never sleeps, however, the true is the same of Bangkok. No matter what day of the week it is, there are always people out, and many bars and clubs will be packed to the brim even during the week. Outside of Bangkok there are unlimited exploration opportunities throughout the country. From the islands in the south and in the Gulf of Thailand; to the less traveled Northeast "Isan" Region; to the northern border next to Burma - the truly adventurous will never run out of places to see and explore. I only wish I had had more time to explore the country. - Aug 2014

There are many, many wonderful places to visit as a tourist both around Thailand and the region (Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar). - May 2014

Summer all year, inexpensive household help, fruits that are in season all year, nice indoor play areas for children, cheap taxis, and the city feels quite safe. - Oct 2013

1. Food and services are very cheap. A typical date night could cost you as little as US$40 and include a 1-hr foot massage! Street food is affordable, delicious, and with a little common sense, safe to eat. 2. Culture- Thais are kind and gracious hosts. They adore children. 3. Souvenirs and shopping are incredible. Even furniture is quite afforable. 4. Vacations- an island retreat on one of the most beautiful beaches on earth can cost as little as US$60 a night. Beaches are just 45 mins to 4 hr drive away, depending on whether you prefer nightlife, or peace and serenity. - Jul 2013

The spicy food, the friendly people, the beautiful beaches. And everthing is so affordable. - Jun 2013

Too many to list: friendly people, large expat community, great shopping bars and restaurants, easy and short trips to the beach. - Jul 2012

The proximity to other countries to visit, great beaches, nice people, availability of all conviences you want. - Oct 2011

Salary - I am on quite a low rung on the teacher salary scale, but even from my gutter position, I can still quite easily afford a very comfortable lifestyle and I do manage to save a little bit each month. Weather - Even when it is cold, it is hot. If you like your weather hot and occasionly chokingly hot, Bangkok is the place for you. Even if you don't like it hot, fierce air con follows you into almost every building. Culture - Every mix of culture is interspersed throughout Bangkok. It is a great way to experience a new culture without losing out on a few home comforts and the safety of quite a large expat community. Food - Thai food is by no standards done credit in your local Thai restaurant back home. It can only be truly appreciated in it's finest form; In Thailand, by the side of a road or in a small restaurant. I write a lifestyle blog which can be read at - Aug 2011

Rich culture, incredible food, very safe, friendly people, very reasonable cost of living, amazing beaches only a short flight away, affordable domestic help, excellent medical care - Jul 2011

Thailand has much to offer, particularly on the food and travel fronts. You can explore the North near Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai and beyond, there are national parks and, of course, all of the beach destinations. We have explored much of SouthEast Asia - Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia, and beyond. Proximity makes it feasible, though not everything is as inexpensive as you might think. Still, a great perk of being here. - Feb 2011

Fascinating culture, friendly people, good food, fun shopping, great beaches, foot massages. Inexpensive housekeeping. Cheap taxis and a very modern Skytrain and subway system. - May 2010

Shopping is amazing. You have a great opportunity to view the amazing sights here and tour all of Southeast Asia (i.e. Cambodia, Vietnam) - Apr 2010

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