Bangkok - Post Report Question and Answers

What is your home city/country? How long is the trip to post from there, with what connections? How easy/difficult is it to travel to this city/country?

Washington, DC area. It's a long trip. Minimum two flights and sometime three, depending on price and/or if your organization requires you to fly a certain airline carrier. You're looking at 20 hours must in actual flight time. Plus layovers, security lines, etc. Door to door for us is 26 to 32 hours. - Feb 2023

Washington DC, USA. It takes about 26 hrs to get from DC to Bangkok depending on flights and routes. While it is a long journey, its relatively easy. - Jan 2023

USA, East Coast. One-stop flights from Washington, New York, and Boston are plentiful and door-to-door are about 24 hours total with very efficient connections through Seoul and Tokyo on the usual U.S. carriers and their alliance partners. Hong Kong used to be a connection point also but Hong Kong's tough COVID restrictions have decimated Cathay Pacific as a codeshare carrier. In sum: it's extremely easy to travel to Bangkok, and it's a major regional transport hub for Southeast Asia. - May 2022

Northern Virginia, USA. We fly in and out of Washington/Dulles, VA. It is a 13/14 hour flight from Dulles to Seoul, South Korea and then another 6 hour flight to Bangkok. We live in the Northwest suburbs in Nichada so there is an additional 45+ min. drive from the main airport. - Aug 2019

DC/NoVA. 24 hour flight with one layover flying transatlantic. Codeshares have changed so other options are likely now available. - Jun 2018

East Coast, USA. Our general route is through Tokyo (about 7 hours) to either Chicago or D.C. (13-14 hours), then one more connection home. About 24 hours in the air. Brutal. - Apr 2017

About a full day in transit back to the east coast of the U.S. You typically have to connect in Hong Kong or Tokyo but there have been rumors that Thai Airways is going to restart a direct west coast flight. - Nov 2016

New York - 2.5 hours to Hong Kong followed by 16 hours to New York. Or you can fly thru Tokyo first. - Aug 2015

If going to the West Coast of the USA, then the trip is approximately 18 - 20 hours with connections. If going to the East Coast, then the trip is about 24 hours with connection. Direct flights to Europe are approximately 12 - 14 hours. The direct flight to Sydney, Australia is about 9. - Aug 2014

Mid-west, USA. 6 hours to Japan and another 14 to home (be it Mid-West or DC). Alternatives are to fly through China and Korea; or via Dubai through Europe. - May 2014

D.C., about 24 hours. Flights depart BKK at midnight or 6 AM. - Oct 2013

Virginia- Maryland-Nerita-Bangkok. - Jul 2013

New York, about 20-24 hours. - Jul 2012

Washington, DC: It can take as little as 25 hours if you time the flights right, but can also take much longer if you want a good price. Best price I've seen since we've been here about $1000 round trip and usually around $1500. - Oct 2011

My home base in in the North West of England. It takes approximately 15 hours to fly from Manchester to Bangkok. The best flight deals are from Etihad and Jet Airways. - Aug 2011

Raleigh, NC - 25 hours by plane through Tokyo or Hong Kong and then NYC area to Raleigh. - Jul 2011

Boston, MA. It takes 26-30 hours when all is said and done, depending on carrier and connections. - Feb 2011

Portland, Oregon. About 24 hours via SFO and Tokyo's Narita airport. - May 2010

Washington DC. It takes a full 24 hours from door to door. - Apr 2010

Home is Pensacola, Florida. It takes 26 hours to reach Bangkok from Pensacola(usually Pensacola to Houston, Houston to Tokyo, Tokyo to Bangkok) - Jan 2010

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