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What typical restaurants, food delivery services, and/or takeout options are popular among expatriates?

In Bangkok, everything is possible and delivery options are plentiful. In Nichada, there are a few restaurants and delivery options, but much fewer choices than if downtown. - Feb 2023

Bangkok is a food lover's city. You can find anything here, and most places will deliver (but not always out to Nichada). No matter what your tastes are, you will find options in Bangkok. Out in Nichada options are far less than downtown, but still plenty of options, particularly family friendly options. - Jan 2023

Bangkok is a world-class, top-notch food city. You can find dozens of Michelin-star restaurants of all kinds for your fanciest of meals costing nearly a thousand dollars a person, all the way down to that $1.50 delicious bowl of noodles (or any other amazing Thai food) on the street. Bangkok has excellent Japanese, Korean, Filipino, Indian/Pakistani, and Chinese food (including Chinese-American, Northeastern, Szechuan, and especially Cantonese and dim sum, favorites here); high quality western foods (anything from French, gastropub, nouveau American, to burger and pizza joints, to Argentinian steakhouses); Middle Eastern / Eastern European foods (Greek, Georgian, Turkish, Lebanese, Yemeni); and even passable Ethiopian food (though no comparison to what's in Washington, DC). There's even a wide variety of Mexican and of course, an amazing range of Thai food of all price points and styles. Food courts here are beautiful to behold in variety and price point, street food is to die for, and the bar scene has great food also. I would say Bangkok rivals New York, Singapore, Los Angeles, and (before its recent demise) Hong Kong as top food cities of the world in terms of diversity and variety of price points. (I don't even consider Tokyo, London, Melbourne, Istanbul anywhere in the same league when it comes to sheer breadth and diversity of food options.) I honestly could go on and on about the food scene in Bangkok. Bangkok, like many top Asian cities, is paradise for cheap food delivery. The main apps expats seem to use are Grab and Foodpanda. Each has hundreds and hundreds of restaurants and cuisines to choose from. It's the same situation with takeout. These apps all provide grocery and household goods delivery too, which was great during the peak-COVID lockdown period. - May 2022

You can pretty much find anything here if you are willing to travel into the city or pay higher prices. Western food tends to be expensive here (read typical American prices which are much higher than buying Thai food). Out here in the suburbs we've got a Mexican restaurant, several Italian, your basic fast food (McDonalds and Burger King), sushi, Indian, and a few Western sandwich shops/delis. Downtown you can find options for any cusine. - Aug 2019

Food panda is an app to download. Tons of restaurants listed. Also, ChefXP is another food delivery service and sometimes more reliable than Food Panda. - Jun 2018

Everything and anything you could possibly imagine. Excellent food scene, home delivery through Food Panda. High-end, casual dining, street's all here in Bangkok. - Apr 2017

Bangkok pretty much has everything, and FoodPanda delivers all over the city. Malls galore with food options galore. Street food is ubiquitous but the usual caveats apply--be careful about those. - Nov 2016

Everything you can think of except Taco Bell, and they all deliver. - Aug 2015

All major U.S. fast food chains are available, however, why would you want to eat that when you could eat delicious Thai food for about half the cost. Cost for meal at McDonald's is comparable, if not slightly cheaper than the U.S. - Aug 2014

Lots of decent restaurants everywhere and lots of fast food (vendors on every open space on the street). American fast food is also available in any of the many malls and elsewhere. Costs range from US$1 to US$10/person. - May 2014

All kinds and all ranges of price. Indian food and Korean food are expensive and not as good as in Northern Virginia. Street food is maybe the most overrated thing about Bangkok. Once you start noticing the rats, lack of running water near the carts--people washing street cart dishes in filthy park ponds, lack of refrigeration, and car exhaust piling onto the Bangkok street food, you kind of wonder why everyone isn't dropping dead from eating it. - Oct 2013

All of them. And most of them deliver! - Jul 2013

Loads of them -- every price and every type. A fantastic street meal will cost around $2, and a New Year's Eve Lobster dinner will cost $200. - Jun 2013

Whatever you want. - Jul 2012

Everything! You can eat Thai food for under $2, but expect to pay US prices when you want a US fine dining experience. - Oct 2011

Fast food is widely available. MacDonald's, KFC, and Burger King are all found here. Thailand has a huge food culture. Decent restaurants from every area of the world are available, but, when in Rome, eat Thai food. - Aug 2011

Everything you have in the US you have here. McD's, Starbucks, KFC, Baskin Robbins, Burger King, Cinnabon, etc... - Jul 2011

Tons. (McDonald's, KFC, Burger King, Subway, 7-11 everywhere). They'll deliver it to your door, usually hot, though I'll choose Thai over that any day! - Feb 2011

American fast food like Subway, McDonald's, KFC, and Burger King are easily available and even deliver by motorbike. Lots of Middle Eastern, Indian, Italian, French, a few Mexican restaurants, and of course Thai. Many fancy restaurants in hotels which offer big buffets and extensive menus. - May 2010

Food is amazing here. You have Food-To-Go. This is an amazing book that allows you to order takeout from many restaurants at once (very family friendly). Street food is good and normally won't make you sick. Restaurants are excellent and cheap. Food is a major plus to living here. - Apr 2010

lots of american fast food available--mcdonalds, pizza hut, kfc, dunkin donuts, burger king.cheaper than in america, but expensive compared to thai foods - Jan 2010

When it comes to American "fast food", the Thais have learned to embrace both KFC and McDonald's, which are conveniently located on every second street corner, along with Starbucks. Pretty much all of the fast food outlets that are in the States, can be found here. BUT....there's always an exception right? No Taco Bell-drats! But, on the plus side, all of the fast food chains deliver, in 30 minutes or less. You can't beat that :)- As for restaurants (non-fast-food) - Bangkok has it all. Want Sushi at 2 a.m.? No problem. Have a hankering for a "bloom'n onion"? There's an Outback Steak House. And then of course there's all of that terrific Thai food at every turn. Whatever your palate is craving, be it borsch or enchiladas, it's all here at your finger tips. - Jul 2009

Almost everything, cheaper than the States. - Apr 2009

Every single one. - Feb 2009

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