Bangkok - Post Report Question and Answers

Is this a good city for LGBT expatriates? Why or why not?

Yes, I think so. - Feb 2023

Yes, but Thailand does not recognize same-sex marriage. While homosexuality is widely culturally accepted, as is transgenderism, same-sex marriage is not legally recognized and this is often surprising to same sex couples coming to Thailand. It will affect the visa of the non-sponsored spouse. - Jan 2023

Definitely. While gay marriage is not legal here, and there are still traditional aspects of Thai society, in general Thailand is one of the countries in Southeast Asia most welcoming to LGBTIQ+ individuals. There is a huge scene here and lots of opportunities to socialize and meet people in relative comfort, safety, and dignity accordingly. - May 2022

Yes, there is a huge LGBT community in Thailand. - Jun 2018

Yes, a very open culture in some ways ( Thailand recognizes a third gender) but regressive in others (do not recognize same sex marriages for diplomats). - Apr 2017

I would say the LGBT community is very accepted here. - Nov 2016

Haha, that's like asking if bees make honey. Don't expect gay pride parades, they tried that for a while, but it didn't really catch on. With that said, gay life is vibrant in the city. There are gay bars, clubs, ladyboys, etc. Thai culture, however, is still relatively conservative, and many Thai men and woman cannot tell their families about their true nature. his is contrary to the impression that most foreigners have regarding Thai culture, in that they think that Thais are accepting of everything. This is definitely not true - Thai people have more of a "as long as it isn't in my house" attitude. In other words, they will never openly judge you about your "lifestyle," but if you are their son or daughter, then you better not be "one of them." This isn't the case for every Thai family, but it isn't uncommon to find (especially among men) Thais married to people of the opposite sex for appearances only. In summary: an openly gay foreigner will have absolutely no problems meeting friends, developing relationships, in Thailand. Note: Thailand has one of the highest HIV rates among men who sleep with men in the world. - Aug 2014

Most of the time. Lesbian expats have been disappointed in the dating scene here as well. - Jul 2013

Absolutely! The Thais are about as understanding and tolerant as anyone can be. - Jun 2013

Yes. - Jul 2012

From what I hear and see, Bangkok is very gay friendly. - Oct 2011

Anything goes in Bangkok. - Aug 2011

It's Bangkok - plenty of opportunity and no one cares about your prefernce (gay or straight) unless you're flaunting it. Hand holding and public displays of affection from anyone are frowned upon. - Jul 2011

Oh, I have to believe it is very welcoming and respectful. Oddly, I don't know any gay or lesbian expats here, so can't confirm. I'd be shocked to find otherwise. - Feb 2011

Thai people generally don't exhibit public displays of affection, but they seem fairly accepting of gay men. (The illicit gay scene is very active.) They do seem accepting of most expat behavior in general, although in Thai society itself they seem less accepting of lesbians. - May 2010

Not a problem at all for gay or lesbians. - Apr 2010

i do not know, but there are many ladyboys here. - Jan 2010

Hello....this is Bangkok- need I say more:)- Truly, the gay scene, particularly for men, is pretty rife, and much more accepted here in Thailand, than any other place you'll ever live. Because of the tolerance slash acceptance, the gay scene is much more visible here. One thing you'll see virtually everywhere, whether it's at your childs school, in a restaraunt, or at a shopping mall, are "katoys", or "lady boys" as they are often referred to here by the locals. They are men who have either completed a sex change, are undergoing one, or simply opt to cross-dress. Sometimes they're easily spotted, but often times they're not. - Jul 2009

YES! - Apr 2009

Thailand is a very tolerant country and most people will mind their own business. There is a very active gay nightlife scene here. - Feb 2009

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