Bangkok - Post Report Question and Answers

Knowing what you know now, would you still move to this city?

Yes. - Feb 2023

Yes, but would have chosen to live downtown and sent my kids to a different school - Jan 2023

A thousand times yes. - May 2022

Yes. - Aug 2019

Absolutely. - Jun 2018

Glad I had the experience, but will be ready to leave when the day arrives. - Apr 2017

In contrast to other writers here, I would honestly have to say I don't think so. Bangkok has been a generally positive experience for sure, and living has been mostly easy. But after 18 months I can honestly say the combination of the traffic, heat, political situation, the Thai people's let's call it "interesting" relationship with the monarchy (this frustration has grown with the recent passing of the king), arcane rules about decency, lack of local traditional culture in Bangkok... I understand that all places will have their issues--for us we will leave Bangkok with great travel memories and feel fortunate to have lived in a place with so many conveniences, but we have never really developed a true affinity for this city and will not really miss it. - Nov 2016

Absolutely - Aug 2015

Without thinking twice... I would live there forever if I could. - Aug 2014

Yes. - May 2014

Really not sure. Probably? - Oct 2013

Yes! - Jul 2013

Absolutely! I haven't left yet, and already I want to come back. - Jun 2013

Absolutely! I hope we get to come back! - Jul 2012

Definitely. - Oct 2011

Definitely. I recommend it to almost everyone! - Aug 2011

Would I go there...heck, I'd live here if I could. - Jul 2011

Yes, but we're ready to move on to our next adventure. I would live downtown next time; my husband agrees; our kids would leave us - they love Nichada. - Feb 2011

Definitely yes, although I'd wait until the current political tensions simmer down. - May 2010

yes, definitely.wish i had come here sooner. - Jan 2010

Yes! - Jul 2009

Yes, absolutely. - Apr 2009

Definitely, although I would have asked for money to bring friends and family here. It is a long way from home. - Feb 2009

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