Bangkok - Post Report Question and Answers

Are qualified veterinarians and/or good kennel services available? Do animals need to be quarantined upon entry to the country? Are there other considerations regarding pets that are particular to this country?

No quarantine. Vets are generally good and not expensive. One thing that people run into: when a pet is ending its end of life, most Thai vets are very reluctant to euthanize, presumably due to Buddhist tenants not to kill living things. So that can be tricky if you're trying to help a suffering animal and the vet doesn't euthanize. - Feb 2023

Don't have pets, other than a hamster, and I'm not paying to take him to the vet. - Jan 2023

Yes, the expat community is large and there are multiple vets (and pet hospitals) as well as kennel and pet shipment services available. We found a favorite pet kennel ($10/night) which we used all the time for vacations both long and short. Not looking forward to how pricey pet care will be in the United States. No quarantine upon entry or departure if you have the right paperwork and your pets are healthy. Bangkok does not have a lot of green space, so keep that in mind for larger pets. Also, most downtown apartment buildings do not allow pets so your options will be limited if you have pets. - May 2022

Lots of pets in Nichada. Great walking community and several dog parks. No quarantine. Crate size and the temperature requirement has been known to be a challenge when leaving the country. - Aug 2019

I think there are vets but don't know much about it as I don't have a pet. If you live downtown, expect to see stray dogs and most look sickly and don't bark. - Jun 2018

Excellent and widely available. Many will do in-home visits for a fee, which is a great convenience given the horrendous traffic. - Apr 2017

Good vets--ours is Malaysian and makes house calls. No quarantine, just the standard USDA certs and paperwork. We shipped our two cats via separate cargo company because there wasn't an airline/airport routing available to move them with us. No issues. - Nov 2016

no - good vets here, and inexpensive - Aug 2015

No. I am not sure how good the vets are, but there are definitely many. - Aug 2014

No. - Jul 2013

No. - Jun 2013

No. - Jul 2012

no - Oct 2011

No. - Feb 2011

No. We had to provide a health certificate from the USDA and pay a small fee. - May 2010

There is no animal quarantine. On a side note to this- if you're relocating to Thailand with one or more pets in tow, be aware that Hong Kong-based Cathay Pacific, while a terrific airline, requires a mountain of paperwork be filled out 4 weeks prior to your arrival. All of it needs to be faxed directly to the airline in Hong Kong. This procedure is also required for folks who are merely transiting Hong Kong. We booked our flight 3 weeks prior to our departure, only to discover that 3 weeks wasn't enough lead time for Cathay Pacific to process all of our cat's documents. We opted to rebook with a different carrier and flew through Narita, Japan instead, with no problems. - Jul 2009

No. - Feb 2009

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