Bangkok - Post Report Question and Answers

What household or grocery items do you wish you had shipped to post?

Stuff that is relatively expensive in Thailand (like pizza, cheese, peanut butter). - Feb 2023

Nothing that I can find on Amazon, if needed. - Jan 2023

Groceries and supplies are plentiful and varied here and you don't really need much of a consumables shipment. Imported alcohol can be expensive in local shops though. There's a local commissary with decent duty-free selection, and the commissary also sells a modest selection of US frozen, packaged, and household products (at a premium), as well as Ben & Jerry's ice cream (that is even more expensive on the local market). That said, you might want to bring some alcohol and liquor to post. Along with laundry or detergent options that are scent-free (almost every cleaning product or beauty product in Thailand seems to be heavily fragranced, so those with allergies or sensitivities to fragrances may want to ship. Also, if there's any very specific items you need from Trader Joe's or Costco or a similar such store, e.g., sweets, snacks, cleaning supplies, non-fragranced detergents, American-style diapers (diapers here aren't great quality, and the Japanese ones tend to be pull-up and, in my opinion, more likely to cause diaper rash), then you should put those in your shipment. Or you can order via DPO or pouch, both of which are quite fast (1-2 weeks, typically) to get to Post. - May 2022

Cereal is expensive here. We use Walmart or Amazon to buy this since we have a DPO. I also ship paper towels but that's a personal preference. Shoes are difficult if you are looking for larger sizes. Even men's shoe sizes present here tend to be narrow in the foot box and hard to fit on American feet. - Aug 2019

Ethnic hair products for people of color. Whatever you can't find here, you can get it shipped via APO. It typically takes 8 to 10 days. - Jun 2018

I order good paper towel and trash bags through the pouch, although there is a reasonably well stocked commissary that arranges home delivery for a small fee. There is a very high duty on wine, so the commissary is the best place to buy wine. Beer and other liquor are reasonably priced locally. - Apr 2017

Nothing that I can think of but if you have truly specialized items that you like that you'd have trouble shipping to an APO, bring those. - Nov 2016

Car tires and car parts, my dog's favorite dogfood, but otherwise you can get anything you need here. - Aug 2015

A car. - Aug 2014

Paper towels. A car (or get one soon after moving here - solely for excursions on the weekend). Sunscreen (it is expensive here). - May 2014

Baby items (carseats, strollers, toys, etc.) are all double or triple the price here new. The same goes for children's toys, clothing, etc. - Oct 2013

You can get just about anything here, - Jul 2013

Nothing. It is easy to buy online -- but even this is not really needed, as there is everything here. - Jun 2013

You can find anything here, but you will pay more for it, so we wish we had shipped many more non perishable things and paper products so that we could have stocked up at Costco. Also, sheets are very expensive here,so you may want to bring those. Buy extra long sheets for the twin beds, the size is a little different. - Oct 2011

Say what you want about WalMart, but our APO counts as a home address and shipping diapers and liquid detergent is free or $1 to get from US to here! Otherwise diapers and liquid detergent are 3X what US prices are. - Jul 2011

If you live at Nichada, you'll have a large house with plenty of space. Bring your barbecue! We didn't but got lucky with a fellow selling one. Bring extra bookshelves, bikes, and sports equipment. We brought very little with us and have purchased a few wonderful items from India up in Chiang Mai. You can have furniture and drapery, etc. made here pretty cheaply. - Feb 2011

Nothing really. You can get nearly everything there. - May 2010

Hair products. Human Kindness. - Apr 2010

a bicycle - Jan 2010

Other than shoes for my husband and me, there really isn't anything that we miss. Wait- does Taco Bell count? I say "shoes" only because if you wear anything larger than say a size 7/8 for ladies, forget it- they're simply not available here. The same holds true for men's shoes, in that larger sizes are not available. - Jul 2009

Powdered gatorade. - Apr 2009

Framed pictures and things that remind me of home because there is so much empty space in our apartment. - Feb 2009

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