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Are local sports classes and/or activities available for kids?

Basically everything is down through whichever international school you choose. - Feb 2023

Yes. Everything they could want, you just need to research and find it. - Jan 2023

Yes, very plentiful (though Bangkok doesn't have a ton of green outdoor space so most activities/classes are in private facilities). Swimming, soccer, tennis, golf, all manner of sports camps, martial arts, dance classes, etc. I think ISB (up in Nichada/Nonthaburi) has a Little League also, though baseball really isn't a popular sport here. - May 2022

Yes, many sports and activities provided by the school as well as the outside community. You can find pretty much every activity through school. - Aug 2019

Tons of afterschool activities at all schools. - Jun 2018

Thru the schools, yes. They are extensive. - Aug 2015

Many. - Aug 2014

Yes, at schools, private lessons, and businesses. There are great swimming classes, tennis, soccer/football, basketball camps, baseball (I think only at ISB), and dance. - May 2014

Yes, lots. Lots of swimming instruction and pool time to be had, but also soccer, gymnastics, everything. - Oct 2013

Again, anything they could desire! - Jul 2013

Yes, great soccer (Can u kick it, Brazilian Soccer school) and basketball programs (top flight, BJBL, gym rats). There is little league baseball out at ISB. - Jul 2012

At my school there are. I don't know much else! - Oct 2011

Yes - at schools or other local groups like BAMBI, Gymboree, or Bangkok Dolphins. - Jul 2011

Yes, the schools have extensive programs. Athletics are not of the caliber of the U.S. but they have more offerings than many posts, we're told. We've been very happy with the ISB Panther swim program and their dedicated staff. Not so thrilled with Panther Tennis. They even have horsemanship near here, but I'm told it's prohibitively expensive. Actually, most programs are pricey here. - Feb 2011

The international schools have big sports programs, but I don't know otherwise. - May 2010

Through the schools, yes. - Apr 2010

yes. they are big into badminton, soccer, ping pong, volleyball, and takraw - Jan 2010

Pretty much everything that you could imagine your children ever participating in -- and then some -- is available here. The same actually holds true for adults as well. Many of the sports activities cost considerably less than what you would pay back in the U.S. - Jul 2009

Yes, particulalry at BPS and ISB, outside of school. and on weekends. - Apr 2009

Baseball at ISB. Soccer, swimming, and tennis at many schools and clubs in Bangkok in the afternoons and weekends. Basketball on Sunday, January to May at NIST-BJBL program. - Feb 2009

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