What kinds of gyms or other sports/workout facilities are available? Are they expensive?

Nichada has several gyms you can use as a part of their community benefits included in a card that provides you access to two additional gates that cut down on traffic time to the expressway. Each neighborhood has a pool and additionally, there is an Olympic-sized pool for use. - Aug 2019

Tons, too many to name. Muay Thai is popular and I highly recommend you at least try it. Gyms are expensive; most more expensive than the U.S. but have the latest if not better equipment that what you find at stateside gyms. Personal trainers are also available to come to your house. - Jun 2018

Downtown apartments have facilities, Nichada has Clarke Hatch (membership required for a fee), most places have pools. Fitness First, Virgin Sports, tons of options, reasonably priced. Due to the heat, most people exercise indoors or swim. - Apr 2017

Nichada Thani has a gym facility. - Aug 2015

Many many. The Embassy has a couple, and every shopping mall has one, but they aren't cheap. The longer term you sign up, the cheaper it gets - however, you have to pay in advance - and that usually means a couple thousands of dollars out of pocket. I want to say the average is about US$50 to 70 a month. - Aug 2014

Many of the apartments have workout facilities; plus there are gyms downtown throughout. No idea for cost. - May 2014

Yes-all types you could imagine. - Jul 2013

Loads of them! Most buildings have one. - Jun 2013

Yes, lots from workout palaces to amazing sporting clubs like RBSC to racket clubs and the like. - Jul 2012

Most apartment buildings have small gyms. There are a ton of gyms you can join but they can be a little pricey $50-$100 a month. - Oct 2011

On every street corner! They are widely available. - Aug 2011

Most apartments have gyms or you can join a local gym like California Wow. - Jul 2011

Yes, folks have many options downtown, and we have the Clark Hatch Club here at Nichada. Many expats run yoga, dance, and boot-camp classes, etc. as well. Also adult swim and running clubs. We ran a marathon at Angkor Wat - fantastic. - Feb 2011

Yes, most apartments have workout equipment and pools and there are a bunch of big gyms to join. - May 2010

You can visit Lumpini Park. There are actual aerobics classes every night from 6-8. Also the hotels usually have fitness facilities. If those don't satisfy you could always join Fitness First or California Wow. - Apr 2010

many very nice fitness centers, reasonably priced - Jan 2010

The majority of the major hotels have gyms, as do most of the condo/apt complexes downtown. There are also standalone gyms where membership fees apply. - Jul 2009

Yes, plenty around the city. Try to go to a place that does not get you into a contract. They are very affordable. - Apr 2009

Yes. Many buidlings have gyms. There are also large chains you can join (California comes to mind) as well as hotel gyms which offer memberships like the President Park or Patumwan Princess hotel. - Feb 2009

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