Bangkok - Post Report Question and Answers

Are there any unusual problems with insects or other infestations in housing?

The biggest issue is getting dengue from the mosquitos, which is not uncommon several of our Nichada neighbors got it. Also, there are some weird, harmless bugs, and scary-looking but tarmless monitor lizards. - Feb 2023

Yes. Thailand is a developing country, and Bangkok is a very large city. All incoming families should expect to deal with some level of local bugs. Cockroaches and lizards getting into homes is common. Mosquitos are the biggest complaint, and they are everywhere all year round. - Jan 2023

Nothing that any major city in a middle- or high-income East Asian city wouldn't have: occasional cockroaches, ants, or mosquitos can find their way into your apartment or home. Worse if you don't seal your windows or leave food out. Plentiful geckos provide some antidote. You can buy bug killer or buy roach or ant traps easily. So in sum, nothing unusual or to worry about. - May 2022

Cockroaches aren't unheard of. Our maid uses white vinegar to help combat this which seems to work. Also, geckos inside houses. There are snake sighting (some venomous) from time to time in the community so keeping the kids vigilant while playing outside is important. Small pets have been known to go missing when left unattended in the yard. Mosquitos are the worst problem. At certain times of the year, we experience swarms and have difficulty keeping them out of the house. Mosquito prevention is important. The community sprays once a month but it's hard to combat during certain seasons. - Aug 2019

Some have issues, some don't. There is the occasional bug or gecko but nothing major that I have experienced living downtown. - Jun 2018

We haven't had any issue downtown, but we are up in a newer apartment tower. Not sure about the residential housing outside the city. - Nov 2016

Less than I would've expected. After the rainy season there tends to be an issue with mosquitos, but otherwise this is far less tropical in terms of insects than other places we've lived. There are virtually no bugs in our house! - Aug 2015

I had a mosquito problem in my condo, but that was also largely because I lived on a low floor. Other than that, the usual developing world insect problems: cockroaches and what not. Bangkok is, however, a fairly developed city, for the most part you won't be overwhelmed with biblical plagues of insects. - Aug 2014

Mosquitos. - May 2014

We live in a high-rise and have persistent tiny ants. I have only seen a few of the large cockroaches in our building, but the buildings spray cloudy billowing pesticides into gutters and public areas regularly. You will see rats on the streets during the day and night if you start to look for them. - Oct 2013

Mosquitos pose a big danger. Even in the city, dengue is a problem. Malaria as well. Cockroaches are a given-although you will not encounter them too often in the high-rise apartments. We are ground level, so we can't leave ANY food out. - Jul 2013

Mosquitoes and sometimes cockroaches. - Jun 2013

Mosquitoes, but not too bad. Just use coils and wear insect repellant when you're outside at night. - Jul 2012

They tell you to be careful of Dengue from mosquitoes, but it is not too much of a problem in the city. - Oct 2011

Some friends have complained about cockroaches. Personally, I can't remember the last time I saw one. No problems with any insects. - Aug 2011

I see very few bugs here in Bangkok. Perhaps the air pollution kills them off. - Jul 2011

It may be different downtown as I think they spray a great deal here in Nichada (possibly better not to ask what they're spraying?), but mosquitoes are definitely an issue. Our neighbor had Dengue, which isn't publicized much, and might not be too common, but it clearly exists. Our kids often have tons of bites up and down their bodies despite our diligence w/ Deet. Get the plug-in frogs at Home Pro - they help. - Feb 2011

Some mosquito problems in the city. I have heard of some issues with Dengue fever due to daytime mosquitoes. - May 2010

With humidity and standing water comes mosquitos. Bring your OFF-spray. - Apr 2010

none in the city - Jan 2010

No real insect problems. If you're out on nature walks, though, using an insect repellant such as DEET is recommended, and it is available locally. - Jul 2009

Mosquitos are the only bother I find. - Apr 2009

Mosquitoes. Everyone here is afraid of Dengue Fever. I have two kids and there is no vaccine. I worry about it too. Read the CDC guidelines if you have any questions. It is a treatable disease, but it's not what I'd like my kids to go through. - Feb 2009

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