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What is the overall climate: is it extremely hot or cold, wet or dry, at any time of year, for example?

4 seasons, roughly equal in length: - hot and wet - hot and dry - very hot and dry - very hot and wet - Feb 2023

Tropical. It never gets very cold. Half the year is in the 90s with near 100% humidity. And yes, you do 'get used to it'. - Jan 2023

February-May: Hot, humid, and mostly dry (dry season). June-November: A bit less hot, humid, and heavy downpours a few times per week (wet season). December-January: Beautifully temperate (~80 degrees F during the day), mostly dry, and unsurprisingly peak tourism time (heaven, I mean, cool, season). - May 2022

Three seasons: Rainy season (typically rains hard once and afternoon and is hot and humid), winter (aka: 75 degrees and lighter humidity), hot-hot season (typically over 100 and high humidity). - Aug 2019

Hot and humid most of the year. December - January are typically nice. - Jun 2018

Hot, hot, hot and humid, occasional slight (warm) breeze. It is hot 24/7/365... - Apr 2017

Hot, hot, and more hot. Be prepared to sweat through everything. - Nov 2016

Hottest time of the year is March through July. Consistently over 100F degrees. Really mild November thru January. Rainy season starts around May and goes thru October. - Aug 2015

Hot, hotter, and really really hot. Between late December and early February the temperature can be comfortable - in the 70s F (20s Centigrade) and not too humid. However, the rest of the year it is pretty humid with the average daytime temperatures in the 80s to low 90s (hottest time of the year is from March to July). rom June to November it rains a lot, and the rain comes down in buckets, often resulting in massively flooded streets. The upside is that it rarely rains all day with no shower lasting more than 30-60 minutes. - Aug 2014

Hot. Humid. With a couple months of blissful "cool" (November-January). And when they say "hot months," it is really, really, really hot. But the city is full of air-conditioned spaces and so more often than not you're wearing a scarf to stay warm when indoors. - May 2014

So hot--don't underestimate the effect the constant heat will have on your life. They say you get used to it, but I think you really get used to always finding shade to walk in and not going outside between 10AM and 6PM if you can help it. If you have small children, it means you will be indoors or at the pool a lot. - Oct 2013

Hot hot and hot! When you get here you must learn to move more slowly or you will perspire like crazy! In the 'winter' the weather can be gorgeous, but it is a fleeting period. The green season is rainy every day, but mostly mixed with sunshine as well. You just need to carry an umbrella with you most of the time, to protect yourself from the sudden downpours AND direct sun. - Jul 2013

Hot and humid and wet during the rainy season. - Jun 2013

Hot and wet June-November, Amazing December-Early Feb. Hotter than the face of the sun during March, April and part of May. - Jul 2012

Hot and rainy from June- November, a little milder Nov- Feb, HOT March- May. - Oct 2011

Three seasons: -Hot - Between 30 and 40 degrees. Rainy - Just as hot but with added rain showers. Cold - Between 25 and 30 degrees. - Aug 2011

Nov - Feb is mid 80's during the day and can even get to upper 70's at night but dry. Mar - Oct is rainy and hot with daytime temps a humid 90+ - Jul 2011

As others have said: hot, hotter, hottest. That said, we have enjoyed some really pleasant days from November-February. That is definitely the great time for visitors. I highly recommend making early resos for that Songkran-April break so you can flee to somewhere cooler! April/May 2010 were horrendous. - Feb 2011

As they say, the seasons are hot, hotter, and hottest. The cool season sometimes gets into the 70s at night, if you're lucky. It runs from around November to January. The hottest time of year is usually Feb-April and then the rainy season begins usually with heavy afternoon showers and impressive thunderstorms. - May 2010

There are two seasons. Dry and wet. For the most part it is hot a majority of the time (i.e. above 85 degrees). - Apr 2010

Only 2 seasons:wet and dry; usually hot with about 65% humidity. - Jan 2010

Thailand is in the tropics, with the average daily temperature hovering right at 90 degrees. The climate here falls basically into one of the two following categories: hot & humid without rain or hot & humid with rain. - Jul 2009

Warm and sunny, sometimes rain. Hot, but you get use to it. - Apr 2009

The most pleasant time of year to be here is defintiely November through Mid-February. The tempeture is cool during the day (83 F) and night (75). There is NO rain. I hear March-April is the WORST time to be here due to the extreme heat. Although it does rain quite a bit during the summer, this also cools things off and makes life here bearable. Much like South Florida during the summer (perhaps even a smidgen cooler). - Feb 2009

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