Bangkok - Post Report Question and Answers

Is this a "shopping post"? Are there interesting handicrafts, artwork, antiques, or other items that people typically buy there?

Yes, people buy furniture, art, statues, etc. - Feb 2023

Yes, lots of people buy lots of things. I'm not one of them. - Jan 2023

Absolutely. Great furniture that you can get custom-made. Affordable, high-quality tailored suits and dresses. Plenty of antique shopping. Big fashion scene with plentiful malls. Lots of artists, from modern to Thai to Chinese-style. And knick-knacks, trinkets, and gift items of innumerable quantity and variety (though not always quality). Chatuchak Market is the first stop on the shopping list for many visiting Bangkok; do a few visits and explore its various nooks and crannies to get an idea of what you can find in Thailand, and then spread out from there. - May 2022

Beautiful handicrafts and artwork from the Northern part of the country. Antiques galore. You can have handmade teak furniture made to specifications. - Aug 2019

Yes, lots of shopping. Chiang Mai has great markets too as well as Hua Hin. - Jun 2018

Regionally there is a treasure trove of crafts to buy (Vietnam and Laos in particular), also Chiang Mai. It is more difficult to find handmade artisanal heritage items in Bangkok, much of the shopping is super high-end mall shopping ( and plenty of it...) - Apr 2017

Absolutely yes, but there are also a bunch of cheap trinkets that look unique until you see them at another stall down the street. - Nov 2016

Tons of art, clothes, silk, suits, gems - just about everything. NOTE: Exporting Buddha images from Thailand requires special permission, and if you purchase a lot of Buddha images, you will have a lot of bureaucratic paperwork to fill out when departing Thailand (and also pay a fee of about US$100 to a moving company to have them taken to the appropriate Thai Ministry to be examined). - Aug 2014

Furniture! Art work. Clothing from local designers. - May 2014

Thai silk, teak furniture and decor, coconut oils, wood carvings, Benjarong pottery, custom suits and dresses - Jul 2013

Beautiful furniture. - Jun 2013

The markets have tons of great finds. - Oct 2011

All kinds of tourist tidbits are available at JJ market and throughout the city. - Aug 2011

Wood carvings, tailored clothes, new plates and bowls - Jul 2011

Textiles, furnishings, antiques, travel, clothing, eating out and entertainment. Some buy jewelry. You can buy anything at Chatuchak market, from a pet Cobra, to 1000-year old coins, to a plasma tv. - Feb 2011

Old teak furniture, hill tribe bags and silver jewelry, replica frog drum tables, and lots of scarves. Don't forget to buy one of those little wood frogs. - May 2010

everything is cheap, except cars which are imported - Jan 2010

Again, the list is never ending, but a small sampling consists of: Thai silk, Celadon pottery, batik, teak wood items & furniture, silver cutlery, Buddha images made from various materials, wood carvings. - Jul 2009

Almost anything. - Apr 2009

Great vacations, excellent silks, nice handicrafts. - Feb 2009

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