Bangkok - Post Report Question and Answers

Can you save money?

If you eat street food, you will really save money! - Aug 2015

Depends - yes if you don't go out a lot, and don't travel too much, and don't eat at expensive restaurants then yes. But going out and traveling are some of the greatest aspects of Bangkok and Thailand. Thailand is definitely not expensive, but it's getting more and more expensive, so it just depends on what type of lifestyle you want to live. I chose to enjoy myself. - Aug 2014

Not at all. Not even close. - May 2014

Yes, although the high cost of preschool took a big bite out of our savings. The only really inexpensive things here are taxis and household help. Everything else we would want is priced for expats and wealthy Thais. - Oct 2013

You could. But Bangkok is a great point to explore se asia from, so most people spend their extra money on trips to Angkor Wat, Luang Prabang, Vietname, the Thai islands, etc. - Jul 2013

Easily. - Jun 2013

Yes, but you can also spend it easily if you're not careful. - Jul 2012

Yes, if you really try or have a double income. - Oct 2011

Yes, but not substantially. - Aug 2011

Yes - even when doing lots of traveling and activities you can save money. - Jul 2011

We're in debt after all our travels! It isn't as cheap as some say. Yes, a massage is cheap. But I don't really need a massage. I need someone to highlight my hair 3x a year. And that cost me $400 (yes, that's right). The first time, I tried and the guy ruined my hair. Just an example. An Italian meal for four with no wine will cost you close to $100. Thai food and most services are inexpensive but, again, this is a more expensive post than we thought. Gas is outrageous. - Feb 2011

You can save money if you're careful, but with all the travel opportunities in and around Thailand, it's easy to spend it, too. And there's shopping and nice restaurants, too. - May 2010

Definitely. - Apr 2010

yes, cheap to live here - Jan 2010

You can't be serious, right? All kidding aside - as anyone who's ever lived in any city in Southeast Asia will tell you, there's simply so much to see, to do, to buy, and to travel to. If you don't partake in any of these, then, well yes, I suppose you could save a chunk of change. If however, you enjoy any of the above-mentioned activities, then no, you're not really going to leave here after a two- or three-year assignment with a hefy savings account. - Jul 2009

Yes, lots. - Apr 2009

We are. - Feb 2009

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