Bangkok - Post Report Question and Answers

But don't forget your:

Sun screen. - Feb 2023

bug spray, lizard traps, patience for things never really being fixed correctly. - Jan 2023

Smile, sense of humor, flexibility, and politeness. Thai people have one of the most indirect cultures (think stereotypical "Southern" U.S. culture): they are friendly and flexible and accommodating, but if you criticize or shame them in public, it will really come back to bite you fast. - May 2022

Summer clothes, shades, swimming gear, and patience. - Aug 2019

Deodorant! Sense of adventure. - Jun 2018

Umbrella, sunscreen, anti-perspirant, frequent flier number and sandals. - Apr 2017

Sunglasses, sunscreen, umbrella. - Nov 2016

Sunscreen, sense of adventure, willingness to explore a new culture. - Aug 2015

Good attitude, open-mindedness, and tolerance for spicy food. Oh, and umbrellas and shorts. - Aug 2014

Your summer clothes, camera, and patience. Also, bring a few wintery things so you can take trip on a direct flight from Bangkok to Hokkaido and go skiing. Bangkok is a very urban sophisticate city but Thailand is still a country that is developing. Don't forget the latter, despite all the glitter. - May 2014

Deep breathing exercises so you can use them while driving. - Oct 2013

Beach gear, comfortable walking shoes, sense of humor. - Jul 2013

Suntan lotion, sunglasses, and flip-flops. - Jun 2013

sunscreen, hat and sunglasses. - Jul 2012

summer clothes! Unless you are petite, you will have a hard time shopping here. - Oct 2011

Long novel to read on the beach, which is only a couple of hours away from Bangkok. - Aug 2011

sunglasses and willingness to eat spicy food - Jul 2011

flexibility and willingness to try new things, to explore, and take some reasonable risks. There is so much to discover here. But we have a saying: TIT (This is Thailand.) Things will drive you insane at times because things simply won't make any modicum of sense to your farang self. - Feb 2011

Sunscreen, bug spray, and little umbrella to shade you from the sun in the city. - May 2010

sunglasses, hat, and favorite canned foods (some are not available) - Jan 2010

shoes - if you require larger sizes. Also, any creature comforts that you would be miserable doing without. - Jul 2009

Smile and Thai phrasebook, sense of adventure. - Apr 2009

Frequent flier miles to help your friends visit. Don't forget the sunglasses and sunscreen. - Feb 2009

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