Quality pet care available (vets & kennels)?

So-so. Veterinary care is VERY good though. - Jul 2013

Very good. - Jun 2013

Many vets here. We use Thonglor Pet Hospital. - Jul 2012

very good - Oct 2011

No problem - we were warned that it would be a tough post to bring a dog to (and I'm sure that's more true downtown), but there are vets, pet stores, and kennel options all over. Our 100-lb dog is happy but hates the heat. - Feb 2011

Good vets who speak English and Japanese and provide regular and specialty care. My cat even had a CT scan while we were there for much less that it would have cost in the States. They even sold her special diet canned food. - May 2010

There are pet shops and or veterinarians on virtually every corner. The quality of pet products and vet services are both excellent. - Jul 2009

We have used the Thonglor pet hospital, and have been quite pleased. - Feb 2009

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